SingStar Online a Big Dissapointment

Gameplayer have reviewed SingStar for the PS3, giving the game a solid 8, but not without being highly critical of its new online features.

"Disappointment #1: the songs you download are only available in-game, so you can't use your PS3 to play them as 'regular' music tracks when you're using the machine as a music server."

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mighty_douche3955d ago

the misses doesnt care about reviews, and its people like her that this appeals to, Unfortunately.....

smeg0rz3955d ago (Edited 3955d ago )

seriously, first of all he's wrong about most things, he says why cant multiplayer feature singing over the net with people LIKE ROCKBAND? Sorry? Does rockband transmit the vocals? Not that i know of.

Secondly, he states to check the progress of the downloading tracks, u have to go thru all thes menus? WTF? Did he not look in the bottom left hand corner? Where theres are bloody status bar? WTF did this reviewer acctually PLAY the game for more than 5mins? Seriously if your going to review a game, at least have some ideas abbout gamee FIRST wankers

Spelling : My fingers are cold, im at work in bloody -15 degrees fk this place

Rikitatsu3955d ago

Anyway women games don't care at all about things like reviews , i guess me shouldn't bother reviewing singstar at all

Multigamer3955d ago

playstation 3 online alltogether is a dissapointment

THC CELL3955d ago

i am sick of reviewers there just fanboys

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