Sony to release new entertainment system? PS3.5 in the works?

PS3 Gaming reports:

"A new trademark protection application filed by Sony reveals they might have something revolutionary up their well-guarded sleeves. With on demand video and PlayStation Home just around the corner, you'd think that they had gadget convergence well and truly covered, but it seems that isn't so. Sony has applied to protect a mysterious new television and home entertainment system, under the name Mezone.

The December 5th filing covers a quite staggering array of Sony services, including "Computer hardware, set top boxes, remote controls, and computer software and peripherals, namely audio and video receivers and transmitters and computer software programs enabling receipt, download, playing, personalized and interactive viewing,

The key word here though is 'playing', meaning games are definitely involved in some way. Could it be that like so many before them, Sony are going to bring out some expanded version of their home console? Sega once produced a Sat-Nav enabled 'Hi-Saturn', and Nintendo released a multimedia 'Panasonic Q' Gamecube, so perhaps some new version of the PS3 is on its way. However, considering the functionality the PS3 already has, and based on the trademark name, it's more likely Mezone covers some new social networking service or other system for connecting media and consumers. For now greets you with an abrupt access denial, so we'll have to wait for more on those ties and pants."

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victor473807d ago

i thinnk they definetely should not cause then its going to be even harder they have been doin so much better the past few months i mean dont no how it would end up???!!!

TANOD3807d ago

i am 100% sure about that

wageslave3807d ago

Any attempt by Sony is going to be closed and inoperable.

Anyone who pays attention KNOWS to run as far away from this as possible.

Texas GMR3807d ago

satellite/cable receiver for downloading blu-ray quality movies/music. We all know sooner or later ABOUT everything will be DLC. Microsoft has talked about this in the past. Maybe Sony/Microsoft know more than we do about what the future holds. The only thing they need to do is speed up download times.

Just a thought.

TANOD3807d ago

It will be the best TV in market with a contrast ratio of 1000 000 :1

yea thats right 100x more than the best TV in the market

victor473807d ago

OH SORRY REd the oled tv at the end didnt see it

TheMART3807d ago


BLuRay removed and DVD player put in because 99% of all games fit on one DL-DVD and BR gives too long loading times.

TANOD3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

Uncharted has 0 load times FART.

Lost Odyssey comes equipped with 4 DVDS . what a shame ?

Blue Dragon comes with 3 DVDS .

a gamer would take years only to switch between DVDS rather than playing X360

Uncharted is the best looking game on any console THX TO SEEK DATA speed of BLU RAY and the enormous space to hold COMPLEX TEXTURES

kydrice3807d ago

Thought you couldn't get any dumber and yet you keep proving me wrong. You impress me! Had every human in history had your mindset we'd still be chiseling picture onto rocks because well what's the point in moving forward? pictofighter3 is good enough! and no loading times!

Ghoul3807d ago

you finally proved you know jack sh!t about gamedevelopment and its technology,

move along

ravinash3807d ago

Rip the hard drive out, down grade and BlueRay drive to a DVD rom drive and rename it 360.

nix3807d ago


Fighter3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

I rather have a game in 1 disc than in 5-6 discs. Multiple discs are a thing of the past just like DVDs are going to be replaced by Blu-ray. Just listen to TANOD.

One more thing, xboxkings is a fake site with fake news by fake people who dream of owning a PS3 because the RROD is finally getting to them.

@ TANOD and ravinash

best comments/comebacks ever.

Xemnas3807d ago

Give it a rest man....really

NEO_X3807d ago

I own a ps3 but I really like the 360.
But man Mart you actually make me hate it when you talk.
Good thing not all 360 fans are like you or i might have to go blow up Microsoft HQ

tk3807d ago

You do know that the long load times due to BR has been proved to be incorrect don't you? But then - we know that The Microsoft Action Response Team actually thrive on spreading FUD and lies.

Say - how is it down there in that basement having to type out some waffle just to meet a quota of posts? Sucks right?

Laexerias3807d ago

I thought u were dead Mart! Too bad its not true.

aceman73807d ago

Damn, TANOD owned you hard.

Mikey_Gee3807d ago

I will be getting my PS3 soon and love my 360.

So I will follow EXACTLY what Neo-x stated.

PLEASE, you only make 360 fans look like goof balls and pre-teens

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mighty_douche3807d ago

Could be anything... Could even be the PSPhone?

Kraken3807d ago

That's what I'm hoping for. PSPhone would be great!

QuackPot3807d ago

...with touch screen, dual analog controls and R1/2 & L1/2, with rumble and six-axis so can remotely use all the functions of the Ps3 - including playing games.

That would be so sick.

Bombomb3807d ago

a stiff phone way bigger than pda phones and a sidekick..things are getting smaller ya know

with outsourcing lots of manufacturing duties to competitors, samsung, toshiba, they could be investing in that oled some have talked about since they opted out of the new 32n chip developments.