What Killzone might look like next generation

Nixelpixel writes"Well we did a little hunting around and found an interesting profile of an artist who had worked on Killzone 3, Sony’s boisterous first person shooter on the Playstation 3 and we found an amazing image of Sergeant Tomas "Sev" Sevchenko and were left gaping at the amount of detail that his face had."

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Nike2180d ago

Anyone remember this....

This thing looks exactly like that except less freaky...

Colwyn2180d ago

looks really good. i cant wait for ps4 because itll have the most games i think for hardcore gamers going by sonys track record

Muffins12232179d ago

i lol at that.So this is why Nintendo never wanted hardcore graphics on a console...i can see why

gijsbrecht2180d ago

Great find. I really believe that the next Killzone and Guerrilla's new ip will have character models as advanced as this one.

t0mmyb0y2180d ago

They might should by then

thetest2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

LMAO. The next gen consoles will have the equivalent of a 6670 which is a pathetic POS and isn't even a fraction of the power of a modern desktop GPU. Even a GTX590 cannot render a model like that in realtime.

piroh2180d ago

PS4 will blur the line between games and reality in terms of graphics

hell, even KZ3 in 3D is grounbreaking

BigBoss19642180d ago

'PS4 will blur the line between games and reality in terms of graphics'
Didn't we say that about this generation last generation o.O dejavu

RedDead2180d ago

If PC hasn't by the time Ps4 is released...then no it won't

dark-hollow2180d ago


most pc games wont evolve till next gen consoles arrive.
games today can be maxed out very easily.

piroh2180d ago

i'll reply to you even if you can't answer to me
PC games aren't evolving, most PC gamers stuck in Half Life era playing Counter-strike and 10 years old WoW. developers see this

Bladesfist2180d ago

@Piroh, no they are not. Most PC gamers are playing skyrim and that is a fact that can be proven by looking at steams stats. Your also wrong about your reason that devs make console ports its simply about the money. Casual gaming is the biggest market, then console and then PC.

Witcher 1 to 2. Have a look at the differences and you say PC games arent eveolving.

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D3mons0ul2180d ago

Reminds me of The Last of Us.

Like if Naughty Dog developed the next Killzone.

piroh2180d ago

Sony has so many great developer studios, ND is just one of them

ND (Uncharted series)
Guerilla Games (Killzone series)
Evolution studios (Motorstorm series)
Sony London (Singstar, Eye-games)
Sony Liverpool (Wipeout)
Team Ico (ICO, SotC)
Santa Monica studio (GOW series)
Sucker Punch (Infamous, Sly)
Sony Cambridge (Medievil)
Media Molecule (LBP)
Zipper Interactive (SOCOM)
Sony Bend (portable games)
Sony San Diego (MLB the show)

every developer from them is meking some kind of revolutionary game, for example:
LBP- first Play,Create,Share game
MAG- multiplayer with 256 players per map
GOW series- most epical games
Uncharted,KZ2- revolutionary graphics
Gran Turismo- photorealism
Sony London- non-controller family games
Team ICO- creating artwork games...

Bladesfist2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

Lol at your use of revolutionary. "Creating artwork games" Been done loads. "Photorealism" Not really. "multiplayer with 256 players per map" 1000 players is the most recorded on PC and it just won the guiness world record. "Non Controller family games" Wii. Uncharted/KZ2 "Revolutionary ARTSTYLE" technicaly its a 720p game with low res textures. LBP "first play, create, share ON CONSOLES" Pc has been doing this since its birth.

And I know im going to get a lot of hate from this but it is the truth. None of what you said is revolutionary in the slightest. You said that a 720p game is revolutionary for graphics :S

SAE2179d ago

what he mean is that we have great games to play other then uncharted

pc is the best in gameplay and graphics but it doesn't have all these games so that's why i don't have a pc , it's all because of the games and sony offer this to us , but if anyone can get both it would be great...

Goozex2180d ago

Can never get enough ok the Killzone universe!

Craftiii42179d ago

Totally agree, me and my friends have a go at killzone 2 every few weeks, I just hope that killzone 4 its more like killzone 2 than 3.

RevXM2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

Well we should have power to run characters with enough detail on them to confuse them with cgi models... trying to distinguish them would be impossible for the most part. Unless you zoom in reaal close.

As well as advanced CGI or realistic looks Id expect a lot better AI and incredibly dynamic and interactive worlds.

All that in a killzone game using most of the KZ2 formula = epic win. So I hope GG makes the next Killzone for Ps4.
Want to see GG's new IP first this gen and have KZ4 later, and Id like them to have som saying in the Killzone game for Vita which is likely since Sony Cambridge is supposed to be "linked" with GG.

Cant wait to have KZ on vita. Should be awesome.

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