Videogamer Give WipEout Pulse: 8/10

Videogamer writes:

"Wipeout has been around for so long now that a new game in the series barely needs an introduction. The PSP had Wipeout Pure at the launch in the UK, and despite being a handheld exclusive it proved to be the best game the series had seen in years. Since then Wipeout fans have had very little to get excited about. Wipeout HD for the PlayStation 3 has teased us with its beauty and a proper PS3 game in the series is reported to be in development, but what about now? Well, Wipeout Pulse for the PSP should keep you happy."

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Multigamer3777d ago

might go and pick this up

SaiyanFury3777d ago

I loved the original Wipeout on PS. Wipeout XL was the last great game. Wipeout Pure on PSP rocked. This should be another good title.