New Revolutionary Camera... 'more exciting than Wii' Analyst Say

While the success of the Nintendo Wii proves that its motion-sensing controller is exciting users, an Israel-based technology firm has unveiled a new device that looks ready to take game control to a whole new level.

3DV Systems has announced the creation of the ZCam, a 3D camera for PCs that allows users to control on-screen action simply by moving their hands and bodies.

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KeiZka3809d ago

Yet, how are they to click things? Buttons still have their uses, I say.

ChickeyCantor3809d ago

do we remember the Sidewinder?
its a good concept in a wrong time and place.
or im wrong XD

nanometric3809d ago

just sit 2hrs in front of your PC and watch those pounds disappear :D

wiizy3809d ago

ha...good that they admit that the wii is the exciting system out right now..but the camera , I DONT THINK so..just like i wouldnt pick eyetoy over the wiimote... a controller is still needed.

MK_Red3809d ago

I'm pretty sure PS Eye could do most of those things as demonstrated in Trials of Topoq. But who knows, gotta wait and see.

nanometric3809d ago

I don't think that PS eye could sense depth

travelguy2k3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

every camera pretty much can sense depth, how do you think auto focus has to sense depth to know where to focus, as the focal point changes the camera adjusts thus sensing a change in depth.