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GrieverSoul2209d ago

I like it! And I dont see anything wrong with it.

metsgaming2209d ago (Edited 2209d ago )

yea at first its like psn rolls of the tonge better but it seems like i can get used to it pretty quickly. The fact that they are trying to unify everything is a plus and is a good reason to make a name change. I wonder if the store will get some changes soon?

Notice SEN backwards is NES lol

ShinMaster2209d ago

But I'm still unsure about dropping "PlayStation" from the name.

Why o why2209d ago

Psn rolls off the tongue better than sen.

dredgewalker2209d ago


This renaming might simply mean some sort of integration with other Sony products that are not related to the Playstation brand. Meaning other devices will also have access like Sony's phones, tablets and laptops.

ngecenk2209d ago

im pretty sure they'll connect all sony's product (including the non playstation branded) into this network. so its like you can use the sony's unlimited music in ps and walkman via 1 account.

either that or they just trying to kill the playstation brand.

kikizoo2208d ago

"I wonder if SEN will be as easy to hack as the PSN was."

like f.B.I, nasa, microsoft, etc probably...but with thousands of xfanboyz talking about it, exagerating it, etc...

by the way, PS3 was the more difficult logiciel/hardware to crack, fact.

pandaboy2208d ago

Not only does this attempt to unify sony products, but this re-branding always disassociates the Playstation online service with the hack last year. Quite clever actually.

PamPoovey2208d ago

I'm ok with this but I think I'm like Stewie

novcze2208d ago

SEN in my languange mean DREAM :)

Gaming1012208d ago

"Notice SEN backwards is NES lol"
Great conspiracy thinking there 'metsgaming', or perhaps non-thinking would be a better word.

BTW "I'll check my SEN account" or "Check your SEN messages" sounds retarded. If there's anything Sony isn't good at its translation of what works in Japan and sounds good there, to what works in English-speaking countries and what works here.

Corepred42208d ago

I like it too. I used to hate asking people what their P-S-N name was. Now I can just ask what is SENetwork name is. IDK i think its easier, lol.

SilentNegotiator2208d ago

Well, at least you can say "SEN" like you're using a word and not an acronym.

If you tried that with "PSN", you'd get some ugly looks. lol

blumatt2208d ago

The reason why they're changing it to SEN is because they're going to be implementing it on various Sony devices and TVs as well as the PS Vita and PS3.

ChiVoLok02208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

To me it just sounds like Sony is trying to compete with iTunes with SEN and what better way to make SEN popular then with PlayStation, right?

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Tanir2209d ago

Sweet its named after My Fiance, now I love two Sen's!

kaveti66162209d ago

Stealth brag post.


Congrats on your fiance.

SephirothX212209d ago

My Fiance is called Psn so I'm pretty pissed off right now!

JoeReno2209d ago

@ Sephiroth

+1 for the funny

SignifiedSix2208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

Lol hilarious!
But they're probably doing this so they can connect every internet enabled product they have to one network. It would be a very good idea if they did!

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iPad2209d ago

Hey, can I add you on SEN?

xVeZx2208d ago

when is the 3rd version of you coming out?

jdfoster2208d ago

It's still going to be called psn...

"From this information, it appears that PlayStation Network will continue to be known as PSN, but that your login information will act as a global login for all SEN-related services. We've reached out to Sony for further clarification on what this means for PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita gamers in particular, and will update with further information as we receive it. "

dark-hollow2209d ago

now they should change Home to sen city.

dredgewalker2209d ago

Lol, that makes a lot of Sens :)

Liquid_Ocelot2209d ago

SENsational idea?
..Meh fcuk my life v_v

Ultraplayerxp2209d ago

Lets all give the psn a proper SENd off.

Serjikal_Strike2209d ago

What bout ps+ ?
are they gonna change it to se+ ?

Siesser2209d ago

I never thought of PS+ as "Playstation Store +," but rather, "Playstation +;" no real need to change...

Statix2209d ago

I took an arrow in the knee, man

lociefer2208d ago

may god absolve u of all ur S E N s

PastyGangster2208d ago

You're on to something here =O

thedude442208d ago

thats pretty sick. ill see u there.

Shikoro2208d ago

LOL, people. You made my day. XD

This comment section is going into history. :D

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Bundi2209d ago

I'm pretty sure they could name it Bird Dung and you'd say the exact same thing.

MasterCornholio2209d ago (Edited 2209d ago )

Wow this guy really hates Sony maybe he is just a disgruntled employee who got fired by them. But by reading his comments you can tell that the subject isn't very smart so Sony probably had good reasons for making him. Very interesting I shall study him more thoroughly.

Sen sounds a lot like Zen which is something that a lot of Asians can relate too.


dredgewalker2209d ago


Only the Japanese can relate to zen because they're the only country in Asia that practices it. We also consider Japan as our weird neighbor.

GribbleGrunger2209d ago (Edited 2209d ago )

Bird Dung? isn't that a Kinect game? yeah, i think the idea is to throw as much shit about that it eventually sticks

jrbeerman112208d ago


id play bird dung, it could also be a game about a retired celtics player pooping off the boston garden aiming for pedestrians. now that would be a reason to get a kinect.

unknownhero11232208d ago

and that's what we will call you for now on bundi, bird dung.

jdfoster2208d ago


But it will still be known as PSN on ps3. It's just something that unifies everything under Sony.

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killerhog2209d ago

Psn is a lot catchier, but sen isn't so bad, though Psn sounded more pertinent to the brand.

salinidus2209d ago

this is one step to try and fix an ailing company i hope it helps

MagicAccent2208d ago

I am to lazy to copy and paste the adress by myself. So I'm doing to disagree with you.

kaveti66162209d ago

Is this because they're creating some kind of cohesive network across multiple Sony platforms and don't want to have only Playstation in the name?

colonel1792209d ago

The only problem I have with this transition, is that now music unlimited, video unlimited, qriocity and SEN will have the same logo

GribbleGrunger2208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

it's ironic that the reason you have a problem with it is the very reason for the name change. i still gave you a bubble though because i can see you didn't mean anything nasty by it. not that it seems to make any difference. i'm always giving people bubbles but i'm yet to see them increase

gigreen2209d ago

Maybe a hint that they will drop the name "PlayStation" like recent rumors are suggesting.

Angrymorgan2209d ago

No, they just named playstatio vita

Tainted Gene2208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

I have a feeling they "may" change the name from playstation on their next console.

Would be funny if in 2014 I check back on this post and be like I KNEW IT.... or maybe not.

Sevir2208d ago

They will however change the moniker of the next PS home console! It wont be PS4 as "4" is bad luck for Alot of asian cultures. It'll likely be named similarly to how they named the Vita! if you notic there isn't a final fantasy 4 in Japan but only in the States ts much lile how we dont have a floor numbered 13 on elevators in the states!

MEsoJD2209d ago

Nice!!! Lets bask in Sen!!!

mac_sparrow2209d ago

Only thing I see wrong with it is it also stands for Special Educational Needs.

But then maybe I think that because I work in a school, most won't notice.

southernbanana2208d ago

This is not really a reply to GrieverSoul but.....
I just don't understand it. When I read articles regarding Microsoft heading this direction with their system people said "they are losing their focus on gaming" When Sony takes a page out of the competitions book people say they love it??? I love both systems and am glad to see this change of direction for Sony's online service. I just don't understand peoples way of thinking.

HebrewHammer2208d ago

I wonder what will become of PS+ though... WIll that now be SEN+? lol

mac_sparrow2208d ago

It will likely stay, as it's Playstation Plus not Playstation Network Plus

Find out on the 8th though

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metsgaming2209d ago

hes not CEO yet. But i believe he did have a large say in this happening though.

salinidus2209d ago

he will make heavier changes on april 1st thats when he takes over

Tonester9252209d ago

I hope Google Chrome is coming as well.

dredgewalker2209d ago

I would be very happy with Chrome on the PS3 or even Opera.

Shikoro2208d ago

Opera or Chrome, whichever it is...

Hazmat132208d ago

dude the amount of porn i can look at with chrome is off the charts!!!

stephmhishot2208d ago

Anything to get Stringer out of there. I saw him on CNBC a few weeks ago at work, and he just seems like he has no idea what is going on or what he is doing. Really helped illustrate why Sony has been directionless the past 10 years (talking about the company as a whole here of course).

Anytime Sony is mentioned on that channel they're treated as a joke, so Kaz has a heck of a job on his plate to not only win back consumers, but change the way the media handles the coverage of the company (as conversely, during the holidays they were running specials on how MS and Kinect are changing the world).