Rumor - Atari's The Witcher Coming to Xbox 360

CD Projekt, have publicly said in multiple interviews that The Witcher would not be brought to consoles. It looks like that's all about to change as the company now has job openings for console programmers on its website. More specifically, the company is looking for programmers and producers familiar with the Xbox 360 hardware.

That's not what has people thinking the job is for The Witcher though. The job requires the Xbox 360 programmer to be skilled in "parallel programming". This basically means "porting" a program that's designed to work in one environment into a near identical product that can perform in a different environment (or architecture). This is on top of the fact that they posted the ad on The Witcher website.

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GunShotEddy3810d ago

They just said last week it's not coming out on consoles. And now they're hiring people to port a game to 360. Why even lie? These companies treat us like we're stupid. If they lied about that, I bet we get it on PS3 too.

vgn243810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

edited: Was just a joke.

ktchong3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

The programmings for PC and Xbox 360 are very similar. Developers can basically reuse most of the codes from PC for the Xbox 360 port, and that saves time and money.

On the other hand, the programming for the PS3 is very different from PC/Xbox 360. If a developer wants to port something from PC/360 to PS3, they have to redo most of everything, and that's very costly.

ON THE OTHER HAND, I don't think Atari will be around next year to publish the 360 port... it'll most likely be a different publisher.

GunShotEddy3810d ago

Very mature. I'm happy for 360 owners, but can't I hope for a game too?

Phantom_Lee3810d ago

consider what happened to Atari lately....they need money...

power of Green 3810d ago

""Include in the title "Rumor", Sadly even if it sounded as good new or not it’s just a job opening for a 360 programmer and nothing more nor is there anything official either it’s pretty much as how Crytek was looking for PS3 programmers and we were not suppose to take it as Crysis coming to the PS3?
Reported by: Charlie2688""

Your report above may be true but you know what you posted because it was assumed that Crysis would be comming to PS3. I also remember when Project Offset was in the same boat.

#1.1 WTF???????????....

Zhuk3810d ago

this is great news and no doubt there are many Xbox 360 gamers excited for this title

MK_Red3810d ago

True. This is indeed great news (rumors) and I'm really excited. Hope it indeed happens.

socomnick3810d ago

I am definitely excited I love western rpgs . I also heard this was a pretty good one.

Charlie26883810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

Well it could be potentially super good news since The Witcher and CD Projekt deserve EVERY single good thing they can get and more exposure the master piece that The Witcher is wont be bad (this one will probably be PC RPG game of the Year)

BUT I don't think people should get their hopes up...just yet since this job posting could potentially mean anything and if we use other examples (Crytek ,GSC) is not really a confirmation for anything

but hey if it really happens be sure to pick the game up :)

[email protected] like I said with my examples: similar job offering, similar rumors about their project being ported to the consoles...nothing really happened or has been remotely announced

GunShotEddy3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

The job posting is for someone familiar with 360 and porting. And it's posted on the Witcher site. How is that almost guaranteed? That sounds like a sure thing to me.

Xbox 360 programmer + Game porting + The Witcher website = DUH!

MK_Red3810d ago

I know but please, please... I know you're speaking logically but please don't break boy's heart and hope. :)
I'm really really hoping the Wither on 360 is true. I'm dying to play and finish this gem and that can't be done on a friend's computer.

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The story is too old to be commented.