New Sony Chief Executive Reveals Fast-Forward Plans

The next chief executive of Sony Corp. promises to forge a new path for a company that once dominated the business of filling free time with the creation of wildly popular consumer products, from Trinitron TVs to Walkman music players and PlayStation game consoles.

The selection of 51-year-old Kazuo Hirai by Sony's board Wednesday ends the reign of Howard Stringer, the boisterous and charismatic Brit who in 2005 became the company's first non-Japanese chief executive and over seven years as boss couldn't turn around Sony's electronics business.

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MGRogue20172304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

I don't think so.. Not if I can help it, How much you need?? *opens wallet*

... Take it easy though, plz.. don't go too overboard.. limit is $50 ;)

MariaHelFutura2304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

Sony will be fine, if anything they need to seriously restructure the PS marketing division.

Parapraxis2304d ago

The PS division is one of main reasons they are still afloat.

MariaHelFutura2304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

Let's be real about something....

MS can make something average seem great and Sony has problems having great things recognized the way they should be this generation. Example... I haven't seen ONE PSVita commercial yet and it comes out in 2 weeks!! Kinect one the other hand (which I dislike BTW), I saw countless commercials before it launched. If Sony doesn't make people aware of the platform, don't expect it to sell aswell as it could. Just being amazing in this day and age doesn't do it, the world moves too have to inform people as much as possible because the average person has the attention span of a puppy.


No. I stopped clicking N4G articals a long time ago. Oh well... Sony still needs to advertise the PS platforms better!!!

gamingdroid2304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )


Did you not read the article?

They clearly spell out some of the troubles Sony is having, including 7 straight year of losses for the TV division, 4 straight years of losses for the company (soon to be five), a $2 billion loss in last quarter and 17% sales drop.

Sony is just figuring out that "experience" is what drives sales these days, not hardware that will be replaced shortly:

"Mr. Hirai described his strategic goal as teaching the company's 168,000 employees that past successes in manufacturing must be replaced by selling the harder-to-quantify "user experience." The world has moved on, he said, "We can't just continue to be a great purveyor of hardware products, even though some people expect us to do that.""

The good news, Hirai turned a $2 billion loss on the PS3 business around so he has some merit to potential turn-around. Then again, Stringer did too.

It is far easier to start a new business than fix an ailing one....

Army_of_Darkness2304d ago

I would totally buy one!! they just too expensive compared to the other brands.

baodeus2304d ago

I think charging premium prices in this economy is what kills them (especially their TV vs many others TV that are cheaper and probably better too).

Sony really have to realize that they aren't the only one in the market anymore (from TV to gaming console to even smaller devices like music player etc...).

Legion2304d ago

It's more their TV business and other areas that are needing the attention, as the PS side has seen a turn around already.

Sony has the same issue that Apple does of making a product and pricing themselves out of the market with it. (talking Apple computers here) Sony TVs are too expensive for the market to handle... especially with the economy the way it is today.

And they need to be aware that their marketing plan is not working. Market wisely and use the resources that you already have. They seem to be relying too much on their name versus actually advertising properly. Can't rest on old laurels.

princejb1342304d ago

competition is to fierce now adays
i used to love sony products from mp3s to tvs cell phones
than apple came along and is dominating every business its profits with a phone and a laptop

and we still in a recession so that may also be the blame for losing money
i havent bought a game since mw3(which i regret)

there tvs are to expensive at times
i ended up buying a from a tv brand i never heard of (dynex) just because it was cheap

SwampCroc2304d ago

yeah the PS division is why Hirai is getting promoted in the first place..

he is the one that turned PS back around.

BattleAxe2304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

Its their TV division that is really getting hit hard.

If i were CEO:

- drop the TV division
- focus on their core services such as PSN
- focus on devices that support their services (Sony's Mobile Phones Division, PS3, VITA and VAIO)
- offer better pricing on Sony's own collection of Movie and Music products
- heavily promote Sony Music, Sony Television and Sony Movie Productions through the PSN
- bring full connectivity and interactivity of the PSN to the PC
- come up with creative exclusive deals to sell Sony exclusive games on a platform like Steam
- buy out companies that provide services like NETFLIX (Sony has been rumored to be interested in buying NETFLIX)
- continue to produce video cameras, photo cameras and MP3 players, and ensure that they are open source and that they do not use proprietary connectors and power chords.
- release Official PSN Apps on Android devices, iPhone, Google Chrome, Facebook and televisions made by Samsung, Panasonic, Sharp ect... ect....

Soldierone2304d ago

Why did people take that comment so negatively? I mean come on, Sony has amazing products they just suck at marketing things. They spend their money on products and that is great, but it still needs to get known.

The Kevin Butler ads were great, then they disapear and PlayStation isn't in the media anymore. Yet you see Xbox all over Disney, kids stuff, products, advertised on sports games, it's every where. Vita is hardly known, and the Taco Bell thing seems to be as far as that is going to go.

Let's put it this way. PlayStation is selling extremely well with limited marketing, imagine if Sony put a force behind it? Sales would sky rocket.

Also at the person above, TV sales are actually a high point for Sony. It was only a low point when they put their money into Plasma, thats over and done with now.

Dee_912304d ago

the got that taco bell vita commercial.But I havent seen a commercial only about the vita.
Marketing isnt only commercials .Commercials play a big part.however they could still really improve on marketing.

zag2304d ago

marketing is only 1 thing.

To make people want to buy something you also need content.

Sony have plenty of content but their products don't access it fully, everything is moving to a digital copy/download only type service and I think Sony is going to end up only releasing via downloads at some point 2-3 years time maybe sooner.

MS market heaps but that's all they do really, they don't make games anymore, they have dropped flightsim the only thing they made that was a game for about 20 years this has now turned into a kids kinect type flight sim game thing now, it's probably going to be an utter waste of time.

MS don't make any content what so ever they rely 100% for content from other companies, if those companies go bust there less or no content on the 360 etc.

I think Sony will end up coming around probably with the next gen because they'll have all their music/tv shows/movies/games and what ever else that comes be all linked up together in the one hub that you can access very easy.

The PS3 and PSN works well but when you try to link in online stuff it's a bit flaky at best, you can really tell they kinda had an idea but the idea wasn't exactly right for what has ended up happening.

I don't know if the next xbox will be a big seller as I think Sony is really hoping the content side will pull them through.

tokugawa2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

most of the people on here are not living on the same planet!

not so long ago, sony equalled a premium price, and people were prepared to pay for it.

fast forward to now, and for every over priced sony product, you can probably find a better quality product, made by someone else (like samsung) at a better price.

in 2011, like an idiot, and against my better judgement. i bought a 46" LED 3D bravia...and it is shit! all the reviews (which came after i bought it coz it was a 2011 model ) stated the exact problems that i have with it.

i wasted over $1400 - £1200 -1400 euros on it. i shouldve got a samsung or a cinema 3D LG. i just bought a camcorder. and after researching my purchase, i got a samsung, which outperforms sony products, but was around $100 cheaper than them.

sony need to pull their heads out of their arses! now the only sony product i will buy is their consoles! the rest are just overpriced, because it has sony wrote on it.

dont flame or bubble me down kids. i am just speaking from experience. the days of guarantedd sony quality are long gone. most people know it.. except sony themselves! oh and top-ten/blogs4fanboys army

tokugawa2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

mods delete please double post

tokugawa2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

mods delete please triple post

sikbeta2303d ago


Nop, it's the whole Sony Corp, not just PlayStation, duh, SCE is actually one of the few divisions working well...


Fix This S*** Kaz! :D

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Ranma12304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

Hirai, what you should do is merge with an OIL company.

Then you will have a bottomless war chest to fund the PS4

...this is based off my experience of business

LaChance2304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

Even more exclusives is the solution Sony ! That will help you beat the 360 and Wii worldwide just like you''re doing right now !

MariaHelFutura2304d ago

From a gamers perspective nothing is wrong w/ more exclusives... AT ALL. They just need to market themselves MS.

Godchild10202304d ago

I think I'll take less exclusives with better market or more marketing for their AAA games.

dcortz20272304d ago Show
cjflora2304d ago

I love how everyone always assumes articles like this are specifically referring to Playstation. Sony is much bigger than their gaming console.

gigreen2304d ago

I don't think exclusives are the solution.

As some people said, they need to focus on better marketing. The first step would be getting rid of the name Playstation.

sikbeta2303d ago

I'll take more exclusives than anything, you know, gaming is my thing, don't give a f*** about financial s*** and all that :P

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metsgaming2304d ago

just look at all the great things Hirai has done, if anyone can fix their problems its him. Plus with him as CEO you would think more money would go towards playstation. Which it will he even said that he will focus on the core business which gaming is apart of.

I found out yesterday from an article that Stringer cant even speak Japanese !!!!! He was CEO of a japanese company but cant speak the language at all i mean come on.

salinidus2304d ago

sony will be fine especially with such an enthusiastic and goal driven person (kaz hirai) now taking the helm

Jamaicangmr2304d ago

who would disagreethis was comedy God lol!
+ bubble man.

Consoldtobots2304d ago

"I would totally buy one!! they just too expensive compared to the other brands."

IMO this has been sony's whole problem, way overpriced products(tv's) when people can buy a similiar "experience" for sometimes half the price. Add to that the most incompetent advertising campaign I've ever seen for any products in the states and you have this...

seriously when was the last time you anything Sony advertised on TV on any consistent basis?

TOSgamer2304d ago


How does buying netflix fix anything? If anything netflix has their own problems which include about 3 billion plus of debt in contract obligations for content. Their dvd business is evaporating and they make squat on their stream business.

morkendo232300d ago

what they need to do is bring back VARIETY!! of ps2 era. gamers CANT live on hardcore only games.we need platformers an sidescrolling games too.

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-Mezzo-2304d ago

I enjoy Sony's Console & Televisions, i really hope they bounce back & keep on going.

dragon822304d ago

Besides my PS3, I really enjoy my Sony tv and camera. I hope they are around for a very long time.

Nathaniel_Drake2304d ago

Yeah Sony has great products, hope they bounce back

Bowzabub2304d ago

Sony leaves gaming, I leave gaming.

SuperLupe2304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

Sony leaves gaming I'll carry on gaming.

When I had a 360 100% of my gaming had nothing to do with Sony.

And trust me I was having as much of a blast as I'm having now on my PS3.

Im 22 years old and some of the best experiences I've had in gaming were courtesy of Nintendo, MS or Sega (Skies of Arcadia, Shemnue and Jet Set Radio).

There is life outside of Sony guys. Why do you do this to yourselves ?

UnSelf2304d ago

if it aint Sony, its phony

rhcpfan2304d ago


Exactly. The best games of this gen were always multi-platform IMO.

dredgewalker2304d ago

If Sony leaves gaming and there's only multiplatform games available then I'm sticking to my pc.

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Rush2304d ago

Why not leave anyway... few less loyalty blind gamers can only be a good thing.

gtxgamer22304d ago

yall are just a bunch of haters.

Ethereal2303d ago

@Rush Just because some of us have a preference in console choice does not mean we are "loyalty blind gamers" Don't assume shit....I am a gamer before anything else, although I feel Sony is instrumental in industry innovation and risk taking. Which is why I take this position.

Aloren2303d ago

Having a preference is different from giving up something you enjoy for that kind of reason. I must say I'm even surprised someone would say such a thing, it doesn't make any more sense to me than giving up phones if apple stops making them.
I sure hope you "just say that" and don't really mean it... I know I didn't leave gaming when Atari, Amiga, or Sega left, and I won't leave gaming either when or if Nintendo, Sony, or MS stop making consoles.

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SSKILLZ2304d ago

yeah that's how we roll up in thiz b!tch :D

thebudgetgamer2304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

No, as much as I like Sony I have seen too many companies come and go to deter my favorite hobby.

Atari, Sega, Colleco, SNK ect.

Simon_Brezhnev2304d ago

I wont leave gaming just be strictly PC gaming.

nnotdead2304d ago

i could see myself going the same way, but there is no way i could commit to such a statement. sure i haven't been excited for a Nintendo console since the Ultra 64 was first talked about, and i refuses to pay for a Live Gold membership to play online, but to say either(or another company) couldn't make something in the future that i would be interested in seems like s stretch.

orange-skittle2304d ago

Sorry, there's nothing great about PC gaming to me. I don't do keyboard and mouse. I also don't do upgrades. It would cost more to upgrade a rig than buy one already spec'ed-out.

Simon_Brezhnev2304d ago

Good for you but you do realize you can use ps3/360 controller for PC. It's actually cheaper to build a rig than have a ps3/360 for 6 years. PC games are already cheaper. Online is more tolerant way quicker to ignore people.

_Aarix_2304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

Dont let the door hit all yall asses on the way out!

Seriously, gaming is gaming, no matter who provides it. If you think otherwise then I WANT you guys to quit gaming.

VINNIEPAZ2304d ago

"There is life outside of Sony guys. Why do you do this to yourselves ?"

Please, let them go man. Sony fanboys are the worst

undisputed2304d ago

Because 360 fanboys are any better. Please, all fanboys are annoying.

Bastion172304d ago

Cause that makes so much sense right?

dark-hollow2304d ago

I played before nintendo with the atari and i played with nes/snes before sony and i played ps1/ps2/ps3.

As long as there creative minds and great developers out there then i wont quit gaming.

Nobody ever gives credit the all the hard working men and women who develop the games themselves.

As long as the industry is moving on and still pumbing games then am very happy.
That doesn't mean that i want sony/nintendo or ms to disappeare.

Septic2304d ago

A lot of the SDF scourge are most likely little kids on here so they probably won't even know what an Atari is.

Love that stupid mob mentality; 'if Sony leaves gaming, I leave gaming.' Lol one of the biggest fanboy statements on N4G but it has more agrees than disagrees.

NEXT WEEK on N4G: Man divorces wife when he discovers her playing on Xbox 360. Top comment: "Damn right, I would do the same!"

Legion2304d ago

If I had played that card when I started gaming then I would have been missing out on a lot after Atari, Intellivision, Sega and so many others dropped out of the console business.

What if they stay in gaming but go the Sega route and just do games on other systems? What will you do then???

Consoldtobots2304d ago

I think there is something to this....

wether 360 fanboys like it or not alot of people simply can't stomach MS and their approach to this industry. That being said, if Sony were to ever leave gaming it WOULD create a huge downswing in the gaming market which added to microsoft's lack of commitment to hardcore gamers will create another gaming crash like back in the 80's.

there is no upside to this scenario no matter how much MS fanboys keep telling you the grass is green in their lawn.

orange-skittle2304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

What in the hell are you talking about? First off, how old are you? I ask because no intelligent man would make a retarded statement like that. What approach to the industry did MS make that makes your stomach turn? What did they do so differently that Sony didn't do? Last time I checked, Sony wanted in by means of Nintendo(Dolphin) and when they felt like they weren't going to make enough money w/ the Nintendo deal, they came in the industry on their own spiting Nintendo. SO WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?! Microsoft said from day one that their goal was to create a MULTIMEDIA home entertainment console and that's exactly what they are putting together. Who said it was gonna be free? They have always had a subscription based format unlike Sony that decided to do it last year with PSN PLUS. That's the FUCKED UP APPROACH you should be talking about. If Sony left gaming, there would be no love lost. Many companies have come and gone. They would do what SEGA did and focus on software since they own so many studios. They don't need to make consoles. If they were smart, they would partner up w/ MS instead of trying to compete with them.

There's no question about Sony's superior hardware, but at this stage in the's more profitable to make software and chips for the next Xbox than make another console. Every new console is sold at a loss for at least 2 years and they can't afford that. Either make the PS3 stretch longer or think about making a new machine with MS since clearly both companies have their strengths and weaknesses.

@HiredHelp-Seriously, Sony is talking about HUGE LOSSES and you're still talking about them giving free online. Jesus Christ! Why do you think they came out w/ PSN Plus? They can't afford it, dummy. That's why all the good stuff is on PSN Plus and free players don't get shit, but free online. No access to full game demos, free games, free themes, free avatars, reduced prices, early BETA's, ect. All I hear from Sony ONLY followers is FREE FREE FREE! No one wants to buy shit anymore, but yet they get up in arms when a company files Chapter 11 or decides to make people pay for content.

PimpDaddy2304d ago

A lot of people jumped OFF the Sony bandwagon this generation because of Sony's approach to this industry. Sony delayed the launch of the PS3. The PS3 cost $599.00 at launch. They overhyped the power of the console. They forced Blu-Ray down our throats and made us pay for it when it WASN'T needed. It opened the door for the 360 to get an advantage in marketshare and establish XBL.

I owned a PS1 and PS2. I bought both at launch because they were priced competitively. I couldn't wait for a PS3 and wasn't going to pay 600 dollars for one at launch. So I ended up buying a 360 at launch and haven't regretted it.

Just like every generation of videogames since my original Atari 2600 I am a multiple console owner this generation. I bought a PS3 when the Slim came out and it was $299.00 Though I mostly used it for Blu-Ray I do buy a few exclusives every year too.

What I find laughable is this "lack" of commitment you talk about. The 360 may not have as many exclusives as the PS3 but the ones they do have are good quality and marketed well. Even with the list of exclusives Sony faithful brag about the highest selling games for either console are always multiplatform. Then when you look at the higher game attach ratio for the 360 vs the PS3 it just makes your statement more humorous.

If Sony left there wouldn't be a crash like in the early 80's. Sony isn't the end all, be all that you guys claim them to be. None of these companies are perfect. It's up to each of us as an individual to decide what games and experiences we want for ourselves.

Septic2304d ago

and Consoldtobots has five bubbles.....

People can't stomach MS' approach to the industry? What a load of sensationalist bull. Do you work for the gamingbolt?

Honestly, aside from proving your complete ignorance and lack of integrity, you've also shown your desperate fanboyism, your specific allegiance of which, has netted you those bubbles. Read PIMPdaddy's comment for an informed one that was a result of at least some cerebral effort.

Le sigh. Idiocy so rife on these comment pages.

Biggest2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

I have to address this:

"I owned a PS1 and PS2. I bought both at launch because they were priced competitively."

Why start your fake rant with a lie? The PS and PS2 were at least $100 more expensive than their competition. I don't care why you bought them or if you even did. They were priced then the way they are priced now. A similar Xbox360 was -$100 compared to a PS3.

They may have hyped up the "power" of the system, but it has shown itself to be less hype and more truth. The developers that care to get the most from the hardware show how powerful it can be. You had a problem with BluRay? That's strange. You bought the PS with its unnecessary CD playback. You bought the PS2 with its unnecessary DVD drive. Hmmm. . . Is it just coincidence that DVD became the norm for games and video? Is it a coincidence that BluRay is the new norm for video and may end up as the new norm for games?

Consoldtobots is correct about a lack of commitment to hardcore gamers. You pointed out "The 360 may not have as many exclusives as the PS3 but the ones they do have are good quality and marketed well" and followed that with "the highest selling games for either console are always multiplatform." That's the thing about commitment. It's doing a thing regardless the outcome. Microsoft may have noticed that making their own games doesn't work as often as they would like, so they allow someone else to make them. Sony allows others to make games for them, but will do what they can to offer even more content. So unless you're going to make the argument that people playing Sesame Street Kinect are hardcore gamers, your own comments have proven your point wrong.

I don't agree that Sony leaving gaming would kill gaming. I do know that there is no reason for them to leave and they won't leave. People didn't jump off the Sony bandwagon because of anything. They jumped on the 360 bandwagon because it was the only wagon there. They didn't want to get off because the media said the PS3 wasn't good enough. Fast forward many years and you see the same people refusing to change their view and using XBL, marketing, and sales to show their allegiance to the bandwagon.

Also. . . Sony is talking about HUGE LOSSES. In none of their talking have they mentioned PSN or Playstation. As mentioned many, MANY times before this: The gaming division is one of the few divisions posting gains instead of losses.

Edit: And seriously. . . Stop trying to make PS+ look like XBL. "...had a subscription based format unlike Sony that decided to do it last year with PSN PLUS. That's the F***** UP APPROACH you should be talking about." Sony gave you the option to buy a GameFly membership (granted you can't pick the games). Stop paying for XBL and PS+ and see who enjoys their copy of Battlefield 3 the most.

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tiffac0082304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

Sony isn't going to leave the only market their consumer electronic division profits on. So I think you shouldn't worry about that.

They'll probably have a higher chance of leaving the TV market which is bleeding money more than any other division they have.

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hiredhelp2304d ago

I hoped next playstation will be free online but if its gonna help rebuild sony's pockets that will inturn benifit us with better products then im up fr paying some kind of subscription per year.
On a personal note to Mr Hirai respect sir respect.