7.0 Reviews Dead Island: Ryder White DLC

TG writes: The zombie smashing Dead Island released last year to great reviews across the net. The latest DLC gives us a look into what makes the villain of the game tick. Is he truly a villain, or is someone else infecting him with their ideas? Is this DLC worth playing, or should you just run the other way?

Read on to find your answers in our review.

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TerminalGamer2300d ago

The difficulty is definitely ramped up at times.

ftwrthtx2300d ago

A couple of places are damn near impossible.


I loved the game I just haven't had time to hop back in to play the DLC.... :(

-MD-2300d ago

Releasing a single player only DLC for a game centered on coop is pretty much the dumbest thing I've ever seen.

ftwrthtx2300d ago

Kind of hard to have co-op when the guy is working by himself in the story. They should have added at least one other character for the story, then they could have had 2 person co-op.

Would have made the DLC easier to play for sure.

ftwrthtx2300d ago

Dead Island had co-op but Ryder White is single player only

MySwordIsHeavenly2300d ago

That's strange. I never played it on co-op. Lol.

ftwrthtx2300d ago

It has 4 player online co-op where others can jump in and join you or you can join them.

kc_chang2299d ago

I still need to catch up on this game.