Mass Effect 3 Demo Shows the Absurdity of Xbox Live Gold

1UP: The current XBL Gold/Silver division needs to change. After five years of Microsoft's biggest competitor offering multiplayer for free, Microsoft maintains what amounts to a $60 annual surcharge to play online. Online gaming is not new or novel -- it gained popularity nearly 20 years ago. Even consoles began supporting the function in the Dreamcast era. Multiplayer gaming should come standard with any system in 2012.

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NYC_Gamer2027d ago

MS won't drop the fee since many people view xbl as being worth the 60 bucks a year

AgentWD402027d ago

Xboxlive is worth the fee in my humble opinion, I would happily pay double for it.

MariaHelFutura2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

I honestly don't even know how to respond to that.... But, I think I just threw up in my mouth a little..

kneon2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

And if online multiplayer was free without a gold subscription would you still pay for it? I would bet the vast majority would not.

kamanashi2027d ago

I wouldn't pay double, I just pay half. Get the 12 month cards on sale. But I will say for $30, it's worth it since it tends to have the best features and least amount of lag in comparison to other consoles.

BuLLDoG9092027d ago

one of the reasons why i never bought an xbox,
we already have to fork out for the console, the games, and the broadband bill.. why would i pay even more when i can get the same(if not better) for free....

anyone who thinks its not a rip off.. either ther parents are the ones paying the bill, or there lying to themselfs to justify paying for that bs,

gamingdroid2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )


... and without the fee, do you think Xbox would offer you all the sweeping changes and introduction of features it has?

The real question isn't why do we have to pay a fee, but why we elect to pay the fee despite free options available?

neoandrew2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

That is a PURE 100% BLIND Xbox 360 FANBOY answer!!!

Why in the hell would you be happy to pay TWICE the price for something you already have...

Man this is just unthinkable, abstract, you are a m$ puppet i guess, no hope for you, sorry...

trouble_bubble2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

Agent, you'd gladly pay double for access to -free- sites like this?

You'd gladly pay double for this:

You realise you already pay Netflix, right? Yet you'd happily pay Microsoft double the money for an app that lets you watch what you're already paying for and/or is free elsewhere?

The bubble's gonna burst, sooner or later. Sooner or later Microsoft will have to survive a console slump. It's happened to everyone from Nintendo to Sega to Sony. Gold could end up hurting them in the long run.

Almir9082027d ago

You're an idiot. Plain and simple.

trenso12027d ago

The fact that you have to pay is one reason why I havnt bought an Xbox yet. The cost of the console and the games is already enough and you pay your ISP for Internet. So you ganna pay MS to use your Internet on a console you purchased? Makes no sense to me.

omi25p2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

I barely play online multiplayer on xbox and yet i still think xbox live is worth paying for, Why??

Party chat and its the key reason i play my xbox nearly every single day and havent touched any other console in near on 2 months.

I only have another console for Exclusives and even then ive traded all but one decent game about a superhero. The rest of the "BIG" exclusives last year i thought were awful (including an xbox 1)

Montrealien2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

Watching people getting trolled like noobs is by far the most entertaining thing on N4G.

/on topic
For now, it is well worth the 60$ a year, and if you are a smart shopper, it can be only 40$ a year. And it offers more then just playing online, the cross game chat, persistent parties and a few more options still trump what PSN offers. I actually suprised these things are still not on PSN yet let alone PSN+ and I see many people on my PSN friends list that pay for PSN+ for what? discounted games free trials for a month and demos ahead of time. If people argue that is worth it, then they are being hypocrites when they say Xbox live is not.

Muffins12232027d ago

I think they need to add free dlc for there exclusive games then it would be worth it.Sure,the online service may be a bit cleaner looking and more easier to do but not near worth 50 :c

MrBeatdown2027d ago


"... and without the fee, do you think Xbox would offer you all the sweeping changes and introduction of features it has?"

If the people kneon mentioned weren't interested in anything but online multiplayer, would they care if they got those "sweeping changes and introduction of features"? Why would they be concerned with new features, if all they are interested in is accessing basic multiplayer?

If people do value those new features, shouldn't the costs associated with those features be passed on to the people who want them? Why should everyone have to foot the bill for additional features like YouTube, avatars, or Bing that they don't necessarily want?

Why not offer a basic tier that allows nothing but the ability to join matches from within a game, a secondary tier which offers cross-game chat, invites, parties and all that, and a top tier that includes everything?

Why must everyone foot the bill for everything, or be locked out of features in games already paid for if they don't?

And more importantly, if implementing all these changes and features isn't financially worthwhile for MS without a $60 fee from everyone, or can't drum up enough interest to get people to pay for it without a reliance on other features, should those new features even be implemented in the first place?

SixZeroFour2027d ago

i think MS should really consider Sony's online model where online is free, and extra is paid...i would still be the few that pay cause i actually do spend alot of time on the apps theyve released thus far, but i think if they offered online for free, they would take in a lot more sales AND THEN with those sales, they have possible gold users

kreate2027d ago

And u guys do know ps3 has party chat and cross game chat right?

From reading the comments above. Cross game chat and party chat is what makes it worth the 60 dollar price tag for them and claims ps3 doesnt have it.

Add me on ur friends list so we can have a party chat on the ps3.

MerkinMax2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

If you pay more than 45 dollars a year for XBL, you are a dumbass. Every year around renewal time I call and say I saw it for 30 dollars from an online retailer, and plan on buying it from them. They have always offered me live for a discounted price. A price I am VERY happy to pay.

2027d ago
cooperdnizzle2027d ago

@ Montrealin.
You are pretty ignorant. You speak of things you have no clue of. If you have psn + You get full ps3 games and ps1 classic and mini games for free. I have over 40 free games. If i add up all that i have gotten for paying 40 bucks a year, i have like 500$ of games. You can hold on to you cross game chat, because you have nothing better to speak of. You can have your one feature that really isn't that cool to begin with for 60 bucks. You make all 360 owners look like fools. All of you say the same thing. A we have cross game chat. You are clearly not the smartest of the bunch. And yes i own i 360 and have gold, but i don't go and say that it is better then ps+ Because ps+ is 10 X better. Fact, just look at all the free stuff ya get. Its in the numbers

Shackdaddy8362027d ago

I wouldn't say it's completely worth it. I just don't mind paying for it. I mean, if I can't pay $60 for 12 full months then there's something very wrong with my job choice :P

da_2pacalypse2027d ago

Seeing as how I have an xbox 360, ps3, and a pc with Steam on it... and yet I have been an xbox gold member for 4 years says a lot of XBL gold. It is completely worth it because it completely puts other services such as the PSN to shame. I think steam is better then xbox live for sure, but that is completely a different playing field. I don't think the fee is absurd at all.

mechanicleman2027d ago

Hmmmm. steam for PC is free! and its awesome thats kinda weird Wii free! PS3 free! and PS3 is where all the games are.

ShinMaster2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

And on top of that, you STILL have to pay for those features (i.e. Netflix, Hulu, sports and other features) plus you get advertisements. Fantastic. You can get Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc for free on PS3.

It's a terrible excuse and makes no sense. 

A don't bring PSN+ into this(it's called PS Plus not PSN btw, @Montrealien). This shows how little you know.
It's an OPTIONAL service. Not sure if you've hear of such thing.
It gives you access to free and discounted PS3, PSN, PS1 and classic games, avatars, themes and DLC.
Which, let's be honest, that's the main reason you pay for XBL.

Soldierone2027d ago

Then why not come up with a method like PlayStation? playing online is free, other stuff is a bonus and people have the OPTION to pay for Xbox Live? If EVERYONE on Xbox Live thinks its worth it and will gladly pay for it, then having the option shouldn't hurt them at all since EVERYOne will keep paying for it.

duplissi2027d ago

lol... just wanted to say to all you above me he got you hook line and sinker.... lulz


if you are serious though!? wanna pay mine too?

egidem2027d ago

Just to remind you how much you're getting ripped off by M$, Steam can do anything that Xbox Live can do, $60 cheaper, for $0.

aaronobst2027d ago

@AgentWD40 wqiCag

mysterym2027d ago

After sony's losses I bet they regret not charging for multiplayer now.

What's the betting that the next PS4 PSN will be a charged service?

Anon19742027d ago

I don't think it's hypocritical to pay for PSN+ but not XBL. With PSN+, I'm paying for content. With XBL you're paying for a service that should be standard. Developers build games with multiplayer. With XBL, you're being charged extra to play 100% of the game that you already paid for.

Imagine if you bought a bed. PSN+ would be like paying for extra thread count in your sheets or fluffier pillows. XBL is like paying extra to actually sleep in it.

plumber152027d ago

I swear people say that kind of BS so that they can come on the next day to see what people respond like , instead of having an intelligent comment to have an intelligent response .

Why o why2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

Lol, ive seen it all now. One guy saying he'd pay guessing thats tongue in cheek but montrealien saying getting full games isnt comparable to x game chat....i think hes actually being serious. Free games vs party chat to use whilst you play games.....hmmm. No wonder some people dont complain about It seems some value actual games more than others...not hard to work out which is which

Good result today gooners...sad times but at least she'll get a proper seeing to later if you know what i mean;)

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spicelicka2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

It's definately not worth it and no one wants to pay $60 a year. I just love halo and gears of war online so much, i can't do anything about it.

Microsoft are money whores, now they know why people justify modding their xbox, if i ever got mine modded i wouldn't feel ao bad.

SwampCroc2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

Yeah.. you can't even watch Netflix when Xbox Live is down... even if your Gold.

atleast when PSN got hacked you could still watch Netflix...

you have to be Gold first before your Xbox can stream Netflix....

little shit like that definitely gets overlooked a lot in arguments like this...

I just got a new Xbox Live 12Month Card off digital order for like $42.56 or something after tax.. they have a promo going on... in my opinion that's better than $59.99 a year.. so I snatched it up...

but I also own PS3 and am PS+... and I will say in my opinion of having PS3 for 1 year and Xbox360 for 5 years... that I am more than satisfied with PSN and PS+... and I can tell that MS is starting to implement a more scheduled discount system similar to what PSN has been doing for months.

I have them both. I pay for both.. even though I pay for PSN's extra service since it is completely OPTIONAL because all you need for PSN is the internet and/or a wireless connection/ethernet cable... that's the main difference...

well 2 main differences.... if you buy an xbox game and go home... you can play it right away...

if you buy that same game or any game on PS3 and go home you have to do the mandatory install before you can play it..

this and the differences between network services I believe are two of the reasons gamers always bicker over this one or that one..

normal consumers are going to try and get the best deals for their money, regardless of the product.

for more people gaming online at any given time of the day I would say Xbox has more... but all those people pay for a service PSN offers for free.