No downloadable content for Uncharted

Evan Wells has stated that there are no plans to release any downloadable content for Uncharted. When questioned as to whether any DLC was in the pipeline, Evan replied "We aren't planning any downloadable content for Uncharted, but we are planning to take advantage of whatever kind of integration into Home is possible".

The full interview is available to read in Issue 4 of D+PAD Magazine.

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Danja3808d ago

This game is perfect the way it is...has enough replay value curious bout the Home integration though.

mesh13808d ago

halo 3 and geow single player are longer than uncharted an dmuch much better inc the muliplayer + dlc halo 3 and geow is light years better than uncharted uncharted took my m8 6hrs to complete the game is just plain crap halo 3 is on a much bigger scale than uncharted to many things going on in halo 3 single players the game looks much better than uncharted which is a small scale game halo 3 has tons of defferent a.i working on their own drivving vehicles ,flying vehicles/big moving enemys that are massive with tons of a.i in sde it while uncharted just has chraters that duck and shoot garbage

Omegasyde3808d ago

let alone the levels are probaly 1 gig apiece. Pretty big DLC if you ask me

Liar3808d ago

Now Uncharted will be 5 hours long forever.

Danja3808d ago

Sorry dude but this isn't Halo 3 or Gears of War


chester3808d ago

halo3 and gears had fantastic multiplayers. c'mon danja you knew that response will be coming.

i don't see what kind of DLC they can have for uncharted. the levels are far too detailed and laid out to just add some stuff in, and it's probably too much to ask for a full new level. i would enjoy some new guns or something though. ah well.

Danja3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

well yeah i can always expect someone to say something stupid..but I ain't wrong dude the SP modes in those game were short ..and GeOW MP sucked on the 360 it's laggy...if ur talking about the PC version then yes it's fantastic

ne with yah..they should definetly give us a few extra weapons

GIJeff3808d ago

uncharted took me about 11 hours my first play through. Its hard at some parts, but the AI doesn't cheat, I LOVE IT!!!!

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PimpHandHappy3808d ago

1st time through and if someone says they did it faster then 8 they lie.

anyway on piont

this game doesnt need it. The story played out from start to finish.

The_Engineer3807d ago

before all is said and done we will see a multiplayer add on for this title, that will it all the legs it needs.

Mr Marbles3808d ago

This is one more reason not to buy a PS3, the games have far less value. Only 9hours long, no online, no DLC, and no achievments. All these things in 360 games add to what you are getting for your money. Get with the times Sony, before you are left completely behind.

This is a knock at Sony not her fans, so before you people get all into your feelings on me, keep that in mind.

GodofPeace3808d ago

achievments are worthless, DLC are worthless too. I don't know why people get excitement over some small detail like a new gun or something. People who don't have Online think Multi-player is worthless like the Yahtzee.Halo and GeOW are just pieces of trash without multi-player which is sad. wait GeOW is a piece of trash because the online sucks on the console version.

360 fanboys make me laugh. They are consumers accept 2nd rated products which does nothing but eat money out of your pockets. 360 = sry excuse for a PC

BubblesDAVERAGE3808d ago

wow and buy more games for your gamerscore guys are tools for MS

kurochi3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

seriously, have you played it yet? If you have, you wouldn't say that there are no achievements. I've played Halo 3 & Gears(which is better), and I can say that there's no comparison there, because they're not even in the same genre of games as Uncharted. Uncharted is made for single player mode, not multi-player. If I wanted multi-player games, I'd be playing COD 4 on my 360. Man, there are a lot of un-educated people here who don't have a clue on good games vs. bad games. Give a critique based on your experience with the game, not re-post what fan-boys made up just so that they have something to hate-on for whatever consoles they're not supporting.

edit: @ the below post:
This just shows how truly bias you are with your consoles selection. So by your logic, you won't buy any games that are just single-player games? Nobody is arguing that achievements doesn't add replay-value, I'm just saying that if you've played this game, you wouldn't
regurgitate these fanboy-ish remarks on it not having achievements.

Mr Marbles3808d ago

everything you said maybe true, but that doesn't mean squat, because people love all that stuff, and they buy it up. I guarantee folks spend more time on their 360 games trying to get all the acheivments than they do on PS3 versions of the same game, im sorry but that is added value, you just think it is stupid because you dont have it, and you worship Sony, your words cannot really be taken seriously anyway because of those two facts, but add to that the fact that you are an idiot, and I dont even know why I'm talking to you.

Skerj3808d ago

Uncharted has the trophy points, which are actually superior to achievements know why? They DO something!!

macalatus3808d ago

@mr marbles,

We'll give you an Achievement: You're a fanboyish moron!! Now you got an Achievement you can be proud of in front of everyone else!!

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PimpHandHappy3808d ago

i have about 14hours on Uncharted. It has things you unlock kinda like your 360 and its achivments. Like most games they demand a 2nd play and Uncharted is all about that

Let me flame this up just for you Marbles

if anything is poor value its the 360. They say they want there system to be the center of your entertainment but have u tried to play movies on that thing....I bet you tried but you couldnt hear the movie because the turbine of a heat fan kicked on

Mr Marbles3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

actually the fan spins down during movies and it is quite quiet,but nice try, next time come with a real argument or just STFU and let grwonups talk.

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