PS3 Poll Police: Which early 2008 title excites you most?

The Poll Police understand that the holidays are here and while they'd love to sit back and enjoy a nice seasonal cup of joe whilst enjoying seasonal boxes of donuts, they have to look further ahead, towards the new year. 2008. Quarter 1. There are some exclusive games hitting that we've had some recent coverage of, and we want to know which of these games you are most excited to get your hands on. So when you watch the ball drop on New Year's Eve, think about these games and which you'll try to grab first.

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jack who3811d ago

Which exclusive title are you most anticipating for Q1 2008?

Hot Shots Golf 5

PixelJunk Monsters


Gran Turismo 5 Prologue (a demo of all thing :| )

TANOD3811d ago

we need the biggest games of this generation on any console --FF13,MGS4,WKS,GT5 ---all these games unlike any x360 game will sell in excess of millions in all of JAPAN , EUROPE and NA .

Those are the biggest games of this generation and with those games PS3 will kill competition in atleast 70% of the world. The rest will also succumb to PS3 domination

jack who3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

rofl i was called a troll.............the list of million sold game on the 360 makes ps3 cry to bed ever nite...

ps: if you took your time to read the replys on this page you see am not the only one who thinks this list is crap.....

JsonHenry3811d ago

Umm... I am not going to buy ANY of those games. And I am not looking forward to any of those games either.

I know that GT is one of the best driving games around, don't get me wrong, I just dont like driving games.

There are a LOT of PS3 exclusive games I AM waiting on though. Good thing I have a gaming PC to keep me busy until those titles launch.

EZCheez3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

Not that those won't be great, but I can think of one I'm really looking forward to. Little Big Planet.

Anybody else seen the new Playstation Magazine? BIG NEWS- MGS4 and Metal Gear Online have been confirmed to be one game together. I'm sure some of you will say you already knew, but a lot of info leading up to the article made you believe otherwise. I would buy MGS4 anyway, but to know that the online for it looks as interesting as the actual game (see PSN trailer) makes it even bigger. MGS4 will be monumental. I only bring it up because it's somewhat of an early 08 game.

Darkiewonder3811d ago

is Q1 2008. but hey, it's needed for MGS4 since it's coming out in April[ish]

Panthers3811d ago

how about SOCOM?!?!?! Yea that is a dumb list.

demolitionX3811d ago

I need SOCOM and a KZ2 demo in march

Danja3811d ago

just gives us good..

Cusco3811d ago

Hot Shots Golf 5

PixelJunk Monsters


Gran Turismo 5 Prologue (a demo of all thing :| )

snooooore. lol. Nothing too major coming out in early 2008....except....
DEVIL MAY CRY 4 w00000000000000000000000000000 000000t.....I guess you have to be a fan of the genre and a fan of the franchise to understand. But there are lots and lots of fantastic games coming out around Jan/Feb

Haze - seems to be an average shooter but has co-op, could be good (can't say it separates itself from other shooters).

Army of Two - gear of war style, with 2 player co-op, and a twist of humor here and there

Turok - it has dinosaurs, it looks like you can man handle them, I approve. They look really realistic and it might just be a title you buy not for the FPS action but more for the dinosaur awesomeness.

DMC 4 - already said it, but I strongly urge any PS3/360 owner to at least give the demo a whirl. If you liked Ninja Gaiden and God of War you'll love this (story quality is somewhere between NG and GoW)

Burnout Paradise - play the demo. Seems like a cool burnout game. They took out the retarded traffic checking in revenge so this feels realistic. They also made it more open ended so there aren't huge arrows telling you were to go and preventing you from straying too much. But from experience, open endedness = good thing.

I think that's about as much abuse as your wallet can take, here's to hoping for a fab 2008 gaming season (no i'm not gay) :)

EZCheez3811d ago

I'm a DMC fan too, but it's honestly fallen off of my radar. Well, until that last trailer showed up on PSN. It's looking HOT now, and it's good to know that I don't have to play with Nero all the time. That's my biggest peeve with the game. If i'm playing DMC, I should be playing with Dante. Any other playable characters should be an extra.

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