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Submitted by Bashiii 1470d ago | opinion piece

10 ways to max out your playstation 3

Here are our ten ways to make the most from your PS3

Since the PS3 is in the half way of its ten-years life cycle, time to get the most out of it. Your Playstation 3 is more powerful than it first appears. Buried in the XMB’s hidden menus – and locked away in obscure PC applications – are the tools to turn your machine in to the most powerful media player in the world. You can also turn any Play station into your own customised Kingdom; make it the deserving centre of living room and save a few pounds while you’re at it.

Here are our ten ways to make the most from your PS3 (Playstation Eye, PS3, Tag Invalid)

CynicalVision  +   1471d ago
What's the point in saying 'Play every movie ever without worrying about codec’s' when the next sentence points out that you need to convert the ones that don't work.
Bashiii  +   1471d ago
i have changed it to "Use the PS3 Media Server",any suggestions are welcome.
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morganfell  +   1470d ago
The PS3 Media Server is the best thing for multimedia streaming you can have on your home computer. It works under Linux, Mac, and Windows. By doing a custom install it now works fine in the new 12.04 Ubuntu beta we have been running. And since the PS3 Java Media server not only encodes on the fly but will also decompress on the fly it is handy for movies, music, pics and photos, and even some documents regardless of how you stored them.
mugoldeneagle03  +   1470d ago
Simon_Brezhnev  +   1469d ago
Yeah all i use is PS3 Media Server every single day one of the best apps available for PS3.
Reckless718  +   1470d ago
ps3 media sever is the best thing ever you can play 1080p mkv files without converting them
thedude44  +   1471d ago
play it
h311rais3r  +   1470d ago
MAX IT OUT! That title sounds retarded cuz ur stuck with what u got. U can't change parts.
bwazy  +   1470d ago
You can change the HDD. Your argument is invalid as your grammar.
reynod  +   1470d ago
Lol so upgrading a HDD now is maxing a system out. Console gamers are funny.
rezzah  +   1470d ago
Well the word "max" implies "most", to reach "max" or "most" you must first get "more" (upgrade).

Max = Most

To have Most, first you must have More.

More is synonymous with Upgrade.

Upgrade = step closer to, or until you reach, Max.

So if you upgrade your HDD for more memory then that means you are closer maxing out your console.

You can only max out your console when you have used all best possible upgrades. Only then, like a PC, is when you have maxed out your console.
FredEffinChopin  +   1470d ago
He didn't say upgrading the HDD is maxing a system out. He was pointing out the inaccuracy of your statement, "U can't change parts."

For the record, a HDD upgrade is actually a really effective upgrade for a PS3 owner who has lots of games, music, and/or video on the console. Just because it's not a performance upgrade doesn't mean it isn't significant or important.
Army_of_Darkness  +   1470d ago
AHAHAH! Reynod just got Burned by Rezzah!
lol! pc fanboys are funny;)
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specialguest  +   1470d ago
Trying to be a PC elitist, but end up getting owned by rezzah.

You may be running with the PC crowd, but you're no alpha dog. More like a pup in the PC elitist world trying to show his teeth with no bite.
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Statix  +   1470d ago
@reynod: There's nothing "funny" about upgrading to a super-fast SSD or hybrid Seagate Momentus XT. It yields a huge improvement in overall performance.
mindedone  +   1470d ago
Choose One:

Your argument is invalid as is your grammar.
Your argument is as invalid as your grammar.

For now, "your grammar is invalid as your grammar."
reynod  +   1469d ago

And how do you intend to trim that superfast SSD? I bet most of you here dont even know what trimming a SSD means?

Lets just say when a SSD has been used and the same space is erased, the data doesnt really go away, it stays there. It later needs to be trimmed so that the data really goes away and the SSD maintains its performance. How do you intend to do that on a console lol. Please enlighten me. You would need to remove the SSD every few weeks hook it up to a PC then send a Trim command, which would probably mean formating all the data on the SSD too since the PC may not recognise a console formated SSD.

What a waste having a SSD on a console, the performance wont last. Try educating yourself before suggesting solutions that are not really feasible.
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Statix  +   1469d ago
@reynod: Please explain to me how my suggestion is "unfeasible." An SSD works perfectly fine in a PS3, even without periodic TRIM'ing. Even in its non-TRIM state, it's still going to be faster than a regular HDD. Worse comes to worse, you can TRIM it manually on your PC on a periodic basis if you're desperate for that extra speed. I've been using an SSD in my PS3 for ~3 months now, playing streaming-intensive games like BF3, Skyrim, Deus Ex, and RAGE, and it's still working like a charm.

Besides, TRIM is only required to maintain WRITE speed, not read speed, and it's ultimately READ speed that's important when it comes to loading and streaming performance on the PS3.

Furthermore, there are SSDs out there with built-in TRIM support on the controller itself, so your entire argument is moot.
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Chidori  +   1470d ago
I whore out the ps3 media server every single day. It's wonderful for music, movies and tv show streaming. I really should do the vacuum cleaning method before it's too late. I could imagine how dusty my ps3 must be on the inside after 5 years...
trenso1  +   1470d ago
insanely dusty i took mine apart like a month ago. it died from YLOD :(. clean it before you lose a good friend lol
MrHeiis  +   1470d ago
The grammar in this opinion piece is awful, how did this get approved?
GribbleGrunger  +   1470d ago
i always avoid pointing things like that out, especially when i know i'm going to make a mistake or two, like not having capitals for I or not putting a full stop after 'awful' and starting the next sentence with a capital.
Biggest  +   1470d ago
I'd bet MrHeiis doesn't get it.
A_Forsaken_User  +   1468d ago
If he was to replace the comma with a semi-colon, he would've had something, but he failed. I also hate making a comment about grammar, but sometimes it has to be pointed out.
2pacalypsenow  +   1470d ago
The OG Ps3 was sooo sexy
Pandamobile  +   1470d ago
My PS3 serves my roommates and I's daily Netflix nourishment.

I can't remember the last time I played a real game on that thing lol.
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kreate  +   1470d ago
U can watch movies, anime, tv shows for free by downloading them to the ps3 hdd from the web browser.

Or stream for free. But most ppl are noobs so they just use netflix.
MidnytRain  +   1470d ago
I like Mediafire because it allows me to stream videos directly to the PS3's media player, and not within the browser. Do you know any others like it? I like it because I don't know how to download directly to my hard drive; it always asks for a storage device if I do, and that works too slowly.
ToonarmY  +   1470d ago
I read clean it with a Vacuum and stopped there.

Cleaning anything with chips etc with a vacuum is a bad idea
DragonKnight  +   1470d ago
For the longest time I was thinking that myself, even when Sony said to use one of those small hand vacuums. I was thinking that wouldn't that loosen the chips?
admiralthrawn87  +   1470d ago
lol no. it is more about static electricity ruining the circuits
DragonKnight  +   1470d ago
Lol, shows what I know. I'm a serious noob when it comes to stuff like that.
A_Forsaken_User  +   1468d ago
It's safe to use a vacuum hose on the vent holes, but I'm not sure about vacuuming through other holes, like the ports.
kingPoS  +   1470d ago
It seems like homebrew is another way to
get the most out of a ps3.

And if you have a slim there is a safe way
of getting back 4x usb with SD & MG.

Friendly_fiend  +   1470d ago
buy a USB powered toaster
mastershredder  +   1470d ago
I don't get it. It this source a serious game news site or just another me-too gamer-ran site?
Horridly written with a series of errors and no author? Why is this up on N4G?
Big_Dom  +   1470d ago
Probably for the same reason I have 2 bubbles and decreasing. If you talk sense in here, you get spastics disagreeing with you and giving you neg votes. It's actually not "News for Gamers" it's more like "Lets suck Sony big fat cock for gamers" in here at times. Really. Just check out the opinion articles and the so called main news on the font page at times. It's risible.
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EazyC  +   1470d ago
Tell me about it, mack. I just don't get it. Why y'all hatin on me?
Big_Dom  +   1470d ago
" the most powerful media player in the world"

I laughed at this statement. Really, do people with similar mindsets to whoever wrote that really believe the bullshit they write?
fullmetal297  +   1470d ago
It's always good to use an air compressor to blow out your console. I repair PCs for a living and you wouldn't believe the amount of dust a PC can collect which can cause problems venting heat out. I also recommend replacing the thermal paste, but that requires opening your case which voids your warranty.
Statix  +   1470d ago
I'm amazed "Upgrade to an SSD drive" wasn't on the list. I recently replaced my hard drive with an SSD, and it's great. Everything seems to load a little faster, and games like Skyrim in particular has significantly improved load times.
DFogz  +   1470d ago
How are your download/install times now that you've switched to an SSD? I've been considering it, but load times aren't that long with what I've got in there now.
NewVegasTroop  +   1470d ago
im curious to know as wall, and ive been thinking if there is a possibility of upgrading a the blu ray drive, like buying one of the newest blu ray players and taking out the drive and change it to my ps3, or are the ps3 blu ray drives unique in the sense that its not upgradable?

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