1.4 Million Unsold Video Games Won’t Be Buried in the Desert

Yesterday, it was learned that the video game publisher THQ is sitting on 1.4 million unsold copies of uDraw, a hugely unsuccessful game designed around a tablet peripheral. uDraw was such a disastrous investment—the publisher lost around $100 Million on production and lost revenue—that it is almost singlehandedly responsible for their dire financial straits.

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Kur01906d ago

Give em away to schools.

Elimin81906d ago

Agreed. We said the same thing at home.. There are schools I'm sure would be interested..

Shackdaddy8361906d ago

You could probably go around to different schools and sell them for dirt-cheap too. Would give them a little bit of money back...

Pikajew1906d ago

Give them to charity, that will get a lot of attention. Like Childs Play.

ezcex1906d ago

Don't make shit games.

Snookies121906d ago

That made me lol really hard. Thank you sir, such truth in so few words...

Knushwood Butt1906d ago

Looks like the first game, uDraw Studio, sold well over a million copies. I don't know if it was good or not, but it sold pretty well.

The follow up game, uDraw Studio: Instant Artist, totally bombed. Presumably, they thought it would sell over a mil like the first, but in fact nobody bought it.

Just goes to show how the quickly the gaming market can change.

SockeyBoy1906d ago

sell them for a $1 i would buy it for the achievements, sad but true haha

WooHooAlex1906d ago

I'll give you one dollar for them.

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The story is too old to be commented.