Resident Evil Degeneration Trailer

The first trailer for the upcoming Resident Evil CGI Movie.

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Shaka2K63814d ago

Sounds awesome. I have always hoped that they would do one of these since they released that Final Fantasy CGI flick a few years back which i got on both UMD and dvd and cant wait to pop that on Blu-ray.

now what a way to kick off the new year by buying the RE trilogy on Blu-ray.

Blu-ray FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!

Omegasyde3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

Looks like this game will be based on resident Evil 2 so its more like a resident evil 1 1/2, the events right after the conclusion to RE1.

resistance1003814d ago

Sony are currenty making one as we speak anyway ^_^

EZCheez3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

The wife is a bigger fan than I am, and she was pretty bummed when I told her how long she'd have to wait for RE5. This should cheer her up.

Looks great though. Anybody remember how long RE4 takes place after the others? We can't remember off the top of our heads. I think it was 4 years so this would take place after 4 if i'm correct. I know it mentions the time in between at the beginning of RE4 but i'm too lazy to walk over to the TV and put it in to find out.

Omegasyde3814d ago

Want to trade spouses?

My wife likes pokemon, zelda, and singstar. :(

EZCheez3814d ago

She's a huge horror genre fan and loves Silent Hill, Fatal Frame and others. She owns every Resident Evil game ever made. RE Umbrella Chronicles wil be the first we won't get because we don't own a Wii. She doesn't care for any of that stuff, thank goodness. She likes a lot of great games, but she can't get into FPS.

Makes it much more bearable to pass the controller.

MADGameR3814d ago

For all the haters... it WILL be on Blu Ray guarenteed. I can't wait for this movie...definately a must see! Claire and Leon....RE2 all over again. Such a classic!

EZCheez3814d ago

I would even more inclined to buy a CG movie remake of one of the older games plots than a brand new one. I won't complain though. Anything Resident Evil is good. Except for Survivor.

Anyone else ever played that game? It was a horrible FPS Resident Evil on the PS1. I bought it the week it came out for $20. It wasn't even worth that.

monkey6023813d ago

Ha ha I like the comment EZCheese

"Anything Resident Evil is good. Except for Survivor."

I said the very same thing in another thread last night :D You know what they say... Great minds think alike.

nanometric3813d ago

Yeah, I played it, I even beat it... reminded me House of Dead arcade, just with no gun and less enjoyable play

bootsielon3814d ago

Leon and Claire! It's Resident Evil 2 or something like that!

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The story is too old to be commented.