Week recap: PS3 sales; Xbox 360 flat; Wii raincheck

Week in review. News items include:

NPD Group Inc. this week reported sales of 466,000 units for Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 during the month of Nov. Sony said sales for the PS3 increased 285 percent from the month prior.

The Xbox 360 title Lost Odyssey failed to boost Xbox 360 hardware sales in Japan in the latest software data charts. The exclusive RPG released debuted in Japan last week at retail.

Nintendo Co. this week said that it will offer rainchecks to purchase Wii at GameStop retailers in the U.S. The offer will allow customers to purchase a raincheck for a system available in Jan.

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Twizlex3815d ago

What a bunch of fluff. PS3 sales increased by the largest percentage, and it outsold 360 in Japan (like that's news), but it still sold less worldwide than the Wii and the 360. Nice spin, but the facts are still not in Sony's favor.

Primetimebt3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

"but it still sold less worldwide than the Wii and the 360."

You can take the 360 off your list now it is offical last place in world wide sales by nearly 100K.

Jamaicangmr3815d ago

Actually the PS3 sold more than the Xbox360 worldwide. Maybe you should do a lil research before you post next time ok bud.

stunt2133815d ago

lol ps3 sold about 200k more than 360 i no most people only look at the NA chart but it's the world that matter the most

Bathyj3815d ago

Dont get too hung up on the the actual numbers.

If PS3 is to eventually overtake 360 all its gonna take is a shift in momentum and for that momentum to continue and row.

We've already felt the shift, now lets see what happens next. All I can say is I can name a dozen PS3 I'll be getting next year compared to a couple Xbox. That might be all it takes. Momentum has a habit of snowballing and is hard to stop once it gets going. If PS gets is roll on what will M$ do to make it shift again? Halo 4? HA, please.

Twizlex3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

Wow, I can't believe how retarded you all are. PS3 moves more units in a week than 360 and somehow it is now the leader in worldwide sales? Are you seriously that fücking stupid? And either way, this article doesn't even talk about that AT ALL!

This article talks about November sales, which were LOWEST on the PS3 compared to Wii and 360:
"During November, Nintendo sold 981,000 Wii consoles, Microsoft sold 770,000 Xbox 360 consoles, and Sony sold 466,000 consoles."

Try not to be such idiots in the future.

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socomnick3815d ago

Who wrote that caption shouldnt it be saying Ps3 sales rise, Xbox 360 still crushes it and wii dominates all.

TUFFnNYC3815d ago

What it should say is PS3 sales rise, 360 is nervous and the Wii is for kids. Hence why it sells. Lets go PS3

The_Engineer3815d ago

the Ps3 has only just dropped into second gear and it's already catching up with 360 sales. Imaging when you have developers using 50,75,90% of the SPU time. The games will just look AMAZING!

crazy250003815d ago

im hoping they remake a lot of good games on the ps3 or make them even better

demolitionX3815d ago

imagine SOTC using 80-90% of cell power with 7.1 audio. it will blow all competitors

BLuKhaos3815d ago

But sadly people wont buy "these" great games,look at Uncharted

Danja3815d ago

once again everyone did great in November..great news for the PS3...I expect good figures for December also..

PS3 FTW...

AshleyRiot3815d ago

Nice avatar Danja that's my ps3 wallpaper :)

Danja3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )


as I clicked on this post ur comment just popped up..good timing ehh.!

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The story is too old to be commented.