Video games beat drugs for chronic pain

In pain? Skip the morphine, and try a video game.
A Simon Fraser University professor is trying to understand why experiments consistently show people who suffer serious pain often find more relief in virtual reality environments than drug-based treatments.

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monkey6023809d ago

escapism! best relief really.

2 cents3809d ago

Depends what game really, cos when i play a game whith really bad graphics my eyes start to hurt.

KidMakeshift3809d ago

Dead Rising, Monkey Ball, and Lair drove me to insanity from time to time.

chrno63809d ago

Simon Fraser??? Hey that's my university.

RecSpec3809d ago

Take that Jack Thompson!!

KidMakeshift3809d ago

Be careful. He'll sue you for harassment

nanometric3808d ago

pain is just a warning message in the brain to let you know that something is not right... now, make the brain be completely occupied by something else and you will forget about pain