TheReviewcast-Battling the Backlog – Bulletstorm

It’s almost sad that a company like Epic Games is more well-known for a game like Gears of War than they are for their long running Unreal franchise, or even the Unreal Engines they’ve created over the years. In 2006, the year Gears of War was released, I was one of those ‘everything mainstream automatically is terrible’ teenagers. I claimed to ‘hate’ Epic for making something so popular with such little story, and boring art style. But mostly because everyone seemed to love it, and felt the need to break away from the pack. Looking back I see Gears as a good title, but I still have a little left over feeling of anger towards it if only because I held such resentment for so long.

A few titles later, Epic released Bulletstorm, co-developed by People Can Fly – the Painkiller developers. With the combination of my love for Painkiller, and disdain for Epic, I was conflicted. On one hand, it looked fun and colorful – in both language and visuals. On the other, the story looked like a crappy B-action film.

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