Blu-ray's lead gets bigger

Normally when we cover a story about Blu-ray, it comes with the whole "oh, it's outselling HD DVD 2:1" smack talk. However, we can't actually say that for the week ending December 9th. Instead, we can say "oh, it's outselling HD DVD 3:1" and crack a sly grin. How did Blu-ray wipe the floor with their high-definition competitor? It was the third Pirates of the Caribbean film -- Superbad helped out, too.

Below you can see a picture to show how much Blu-rays lead has increased over the year and since it was born.

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lynx1halo3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

just finish them off sony......go for the head of that snake and take out HD-DVD



Lucreto3568d ago

One final attack for MASSIVE DAMAGE.

TANOD3568d ago

we all know which is the victor of the format war

PS3PCFTW3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

omnislash on that hddvd ass.

the whole world knows its over for hddvd, funny how the us market still thinks there is hope for hddvd.

this holiday season will further increase the lead in usa.

JsonHenry3568d ago

I don't care where you stand on the consoles or the companies behind them - Blu-Ray is a SUPERIOR product. It just has the misfortune of being more expensive.

Here is to hoping Blu-Ray finally finishes HD-DVD off so that companies can start mass producing Blu-Ray players to bring the price down and FINALLY push HD home theaters into the main stream.

killax35633568d ago

80% = 4:1

83.3% = 5:1

85.7% = 6:1

90% = 9:1

You get the point.

Omegasyde3568d ago

Glad I was wrong. In fact I read somewhere on that it will hurth Toshiba in the long run because China is the #1 for Piracy.

In fact some pirates started to put like 4 movies on 1 HD DVD disc, all at 480. As a consumer that is sorta cool, but as a business now pirates are making easy money on 4 for 1 movie sales

Ut oh. If blu ray wins will Microsoft really in corporate a Blu-ray Add-on? Hmmm.

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Hatchetforce3568d ago

Grassroots thinks this story was posted a few days ago but this take on it was only published today, you can check the dates at This great news for BR and that is why some people hate stories like this.

MaximusPrime3568d ago

I heard about this a few days ago too. usually have news a few days too late.
I havent reported it yet as i cant find the link.

Grassroots3568d ago

whoa whoa, I don't hate stories like this the results for the neilson's number are already reported. I'm actually a avid blu-ray supporter with 100+, I don't hate, just read this all before.

whoelse3568d ago

The 3:1 thing is old but this article shows you how much Blu-ray has gained market share over the year.

Hatchetforce3568d ago

No offense meant Grassroots. But all too often we think we have read a BR story before because it says BR is in the lead. Like you I also have been a BR supporter since day one. This is also newsworthy as it shows BR pulling ahead by quite a margin moving from 2:1 to the now 3:1.

I visit this board several times a day and I haven't seen this wide margin mentioned. If it was psoted with a different source then it was phrased in such a way that it would work like an aerodynamic story and cause very few ripples and then disappear. Which is what I am sure some regulars on this site would prefer.

This is also unusual in that PS3 fanboy did not make a single snide Sony after remark. Huh? You say? PS3 fanboy is run by Joystiq and they have a habit of making remarks, many simple euphemistic asides that are actually jabs at Sony and detract from the impact a story might possess. They will take any piece of positive Sony news and down play it.

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HarryEtTubMan3568d ago

BlU Ray is trashing the DudVD. This will be the whole story of PS3 vs the pleasefixme. Just like the PS3 outsold it last week

The Killer3568d ago

its not pleasefix me its xbugs which is similar to pleasefixme because bugs need to be fixed but xbugs sound more like xbox so people would know what u r referring at :)!

cloud360-7th_account3568d ago

please SONY dont get complaicant . Just a little bit

eagle213568d ago

If you guys like the movie Speed, FOX has a BOGO Blu-ray sale on Hot titles like Die Hard, Day after Tommorow, Fantastic Four on the list!

jaja14343568d ago

No sane person likes Fantastic 4, but I agree with your other movies.

Lord_Mike3568d ago

Fantastic 4 was total crap