Catherine launch party accused of condoning sexism

Deep Silver and PR agency Lunch PR have been accused by members of the games industry of hosting an "enormously crude" party to celebrate the launch of its upcoming release Catherine.

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ProjectVulcan2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Shame.......shame that i wasn't there! :-D

It'll never top the likes of the God of War launch parties though. They always go mental. Who can possibly forget the infamous goat sacrifice for GOW2?

wolfofashes2267d ago

Agreed. Do you remember when Jaffe gave an interview about GoW during a party in the Playboy Mansion? hahahaha Would have loved to be there.

Soldierone2267d ago

Kinda makes you curious what would happen if they did a God of War thing at the gym and had a bunch of steroid using dudes walking around like Kratos? Never mind, nothing would happen unless they got Kratos girls involved...

andron6662266d ago

Well, as most of these "scandals" the GOW party has pretty much been blown out of proportions. The fact that it was the Daily Mail who instigated the whole media backlash should be telling.

Just read this:

ProjectVulcan2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

I did know about it. It wasn't nearly as dramatic as was made out by the daily mail but still. A DEAD GOAT with its head hanging off and blood dripping on the floor? For a game launch.

Crazy lol

You may as well have beds at a Mafia game launch with real horses heads in them lol

soundslike2267d ago

Tits never hurt anyone.

Should have just had some dudes in boxers walking around too.

snipes1012267d ago

Only if he's carrying a pillow...

MySwordIsHeavenly2267d ago

Tits never hurt anyone?

Apparently, you've never heard of the Trojan War.

GroundsKeeperJimbo2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

You know thats based on Greek Mythology yea? The war is somewhat based in reality, but the accounts of Helen and the like are all out of Homer's The Iliad.

Anyways OT: I don't see why anyone would expect any differently the game is all about taboos and gender-stereotypes.

VTKC2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

LMAO! (thinks about Dante Inferno to)
"all for the tits of a slave girl..."

wolfofashes2267d ago

There's always an extremist feminist bit** isn't it huh?
Funny thing is feminist women think so highly of themselves,they try to make themselves seem like members of a superior race.They always do what they want,spit sexist rants and jokes openly but whenever there's something they don't like they pull the sexist card (it's almost becoming as bad as the over-sensetivity in racism (accusing someone to be racist,when they are not,usually because of a joke).The party was like that because of the THEME of the game,but hey I'm pretty sure that if there were guys instead of women there she wouldn't be so offended.

ReservoirDog3162267d ago

In the end though, after playing the game, they really* didn't know how to market this game. The marketing makes you feel like it's gonna be an extremely perverted game but it's actually pretty tame.

Whether people whine or not, they should've done this differently just to properly portray their game.

Hicken2267d ago

Meh. They say the event runs counter to the theme of the game, but wouldn't the temptation present in such a place be VERY reflective of the game's overall message?

Besides, what does a PR event have to do with how the gaming industry is depicted? If a car dealership has clowns advertising their sales, does that mean the automotive industry as a whole- or a specific automaker- shouldn't be taken seriously?

Kran2267d ago

And yet nobody cared for the pole dancers at PAX last year...

by "care" I mean didn't accuse of sexism.

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