First Look: "Resident Evil Degeneration"

While Resident Evil 5 announcements haven't exactly been flowing in, does have some exciting news for fans of the franchise. The first screens for the Resident Evil CGI movie, Resident Evil: Degeneration, have just been revealed.

As Sony owns the Resident Evil movie license, and Sony Pictures is creating the film, it is implied that the film will be exclusive to Blu-ray when it is released to the mass market.

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monkey6023628d ago

Cant F$%^&N wait for this :D

picker3323628d ago

This one will be as bad as all the other resident evil movies.
The only that was descent was the 1st but the other 2 was sh!t!!!

monkey6023628d ago

The fact that its computer generated and has Leon and a proper Claire already make it better than the other movies to me.

On another note I like the other movies. I find it hard to hate anything Resi. Except the Survivor games.

PirateThom3628d ago

They should bring Dino Crisis, two epic games.

Skerj3628d ago

Let's just forget Dino Crisis 3 was ever made and you'll be right.

timmyp533628d ago

never bought a blu-ray disc but I think its about to be time.

Bnet3433628d ago

from a PS3 gamer. I wish I can shake your hand.

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