The WoW Comparison: It's Lame

It seems that every new massively-multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that comes is always compared to World of Warcraft (WoW). But this comparison is no longer valid. And, in fact, WoW has become somewhat of a virus and annoyance lately.

The game has gone backward significantly. Raids have been nerfed (made easier), classes have been destroyed and levelling speed has been boosted substantially. It’s like nothing is really balanced anymore. People in guilds and with heirlooms have great advantage over the average new guy joining the game. People with the money to buy gold online can buy items on the auction house others can only dream of and gain considerable advantage.

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FlashXIII2505d ago

This article is more about what's wrong with WoW than why the comparison is lame. Imho though, I think that if people/developers/publishers etc want to stop being compared to WoW, they've got to stop trying to copy WoW. If you make a realistic driving sim you get compared to GT and Forza, if you make a football/soccer sim you get compared to fifa, if you make a run and gun shooter you get compared to cod, if you make a linear theme park mmo you get compared to WoW.. the gaming industry has always been like this.

DeeBee2505d ago

Yeah I hear a lot of QQing in this article.

But to enlighten the author, games of a genre are compared to games of the same genre. So, MMOs will be compared to WoW simply because, right now, WoW is the king of MMOs that ALL new MMOs aspire to become or dethrone.

Mikeyy2505d ago

I don't see the problem honestly, WOW was compared to Everquest when It first came out, We comepare it because thats all we have to base things on, whether or not the game is good or not. Worth quiting one, to play the other.

But I agree WOW has been so dumbed down that its best to compare with it 2 years ago instead of today.

Lots of new MMO's have come and gone because they only offered 1/4 of what Wow offered, for the same price.

When your asking for $15 a month, you'd better bring something to the table. I've tried a handful of MMO's after WOW and I honestly don't feel those games where worth asking $5 a month for, let alone the $15 they really want.

YolandaGreen2504d ago

Thanx for the comments :)

I get what you guys are saying, it's a pretty obvious thing, MMORPG's will be compared to the biggest MMORPG naturally. This is why I've said that the people who've played WoW from vanilla would compare new games to it.

It was quite hard to say what was on my mind in this article, I guess for me it's just not worth comparing new games to WoW as it is today, if you did, you'd compare it to it's earlier days :)

@DeeBee - I am QQing yeah, because I used to love WoW so much and am in fact very sad that it's not what is used to be :S

@Mikeyy I do agree with your last statement, WoW has such a vast variety of features and gameplay. A big and beautiful world, unlike I've ever seen before or after.