PlayStation's new U.S. chief in hot seat

Few might envy Jack Tretton's position. As chief executive of Sony Computer Entertainment America, Tretton heads up the company's PlayStation products at a time when the PlayStation brand is slipping. The PlayStation 2 is starting to lose steam. The PlayStation 3 is mired in last place.

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PS3 Limps on and on3650d ago

But the XBOX 360 is direct competition to PS3. And I feel Sony lost it because the PS3 from the start just doesn't seem like the best crafted machine for gaming. The 360 is better.

Fact is Sony got a little too comfortable with their brand name, and didn't see competition creeping up. And just like that, it's over. Getting too comfortable when you have competition is the worst thing you can do.

Relcom3650d ago

Patience is something most people lack on the net *cough along with intelligence cough* Xbox 360 came into its own in its second year right? So lets at least give Sony a chance to do the same for God sakes.

"Rome was not built in one day, it wasn't built in a year either."

eagle213650d ago

Some people think you need a straight jacket, others just "deal" with you, and I try HARD to understand your motivation for even commenting. The PSP and the PS3 outsold 360 worldwide last week. The ps2, PSP, and PS3 are weekly outselling the 360 in EU and Japan. What is wrong with this? Just stop trying to play cover up. Also if you head over to vgcharts and look at the week ending Dec. 8 software in EU. ps2 and PS3 outpaced 360 software. And games like Pro Evolution Soccer 2008, NFS: Pro Street, and FIFA do better on PS3 life to date. This will only get worse.

The Killer3650d ago

and yet still with the high price and lack killerApp games is selling better than the 360 world wide sales!!
they think USA is the whole world,and what ever happened in UAS the rest of the world will follow!

360:24 months and sold 500 in france
ps3:9 months and sold 400 in france

some other countries ps3 is selling much more than 360 except in UK! in japan ps3 is burying 360!

ps3 has a BD player, free internet, more CPU's and more powerful than 360 CPU's, wireless controller with motion sensing,bigger hard drive than most 360 SKU.
i dont know why will any body things 360 is better! yes it has more game now than ps3 but only shooting games and most of them r on ps3 and they r identical and sometimes 360 is a bit better with frame rate, i dont think any body should cross out a good game just because it has some frame rate drops sometimes in the game!
ps3 is technically is better than 360 in every where except in games at the moment, which this will be fixed the next few months!

Maddens Raiders3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

slowly pressing a push pin into the center of my cornea. Please leave.

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Liar3650d ago

Jack Tretton is an arsehole. Nothing but lies and feces come out of his mouth.

DJ3650d ago

a 'Jack Tretton' too.

Real Gambler3650d ago

Only Peter Moore was about as good as Tretton and sadly for Microsoft, they "lost" him. What do you expect those guys to say, particularly when journalist are as biased as those from the Mercury News. Still, Tretton hold is ground. The PS3 is still in third right now, and yet, there's some guys who like to pound on Sony's CEO, just to boost rating.

Please, tell me where are the other main guys for Nintendo or Microsoft. Tretton is being interviewed left right and center. It does not matter how biased the interviewer is. The other two? Well, they will select only the odd extremely well selected interview, so that's why you almost never hear of them at all. Very sad. But if they would get blasted by such biased journalist, what do you think they would say...

The Killer3650d ago

ur post made me feel bad for Tretton, now i just realized from ur post how not easy to take hard questions like what he had, imagine ur company is doing not bad at all but the media is against u and try to spin of anything good u do, he position is the hardest in all PR's at sony,MS,nintendo right now! he is battling for the US audience which they got brain washed by MS! good luck Tretton!

i will take some quote of Tretton and the other @[email protected]

here Tretton was talking about how good is BD for the ps3 as for the space and other advantages over the DVD.

Q: I hear you, but you guys have also, if you don’t want to ignore history, you guys have a history of backing formats that didn’t pan out, whether it’s Betamax or whether it’s mini-disc, or whether it’s the disc player that’s in the PSP.

A: Yeah, and we’ve had some history of having some success as well, but I’m not sure what your question is.

Q: Well, I mean that just because Blu-ray has all these advantages of more space doesn’t mean that it’s going to be the one that wins out in the battle with HD-DVD.

A: Well, I guess it will win out over a platform that doesn’t have a disc format in it. Again, I don’t know if your question is relative to gaming or whether it’s relative to the HD-DVD-Blu-ray battle, I’m not really sure what you’re getting at.

Q: Well, you guys pitched this as both, that it was not just — that the PlayStation 3, that having the Blu-ray in there was not just for the games, but also for — that this was going to be the Trojan horse to win the Blu-ray DVD battle, which Sony has placed a lot of bets on. Just because it’s in the PlayStation 3 doesn’t mean it’s going to win.

A: OK, well I’ll give you a couple of statistics that has me fairly confident: 160 CE companies backing Blu-ray, seven of the eight major studios backing Blu-ray, you’ve got Blu-ray content outselling HD-DVD two-to-one, and by an even greater margin worldwide. You’ve got a machine in the PlayStation 3 that’s got over 2 million units in North America that plays Blu-ray movies, and those to me are all positive signs. Now if you want to rattle off the HD-DVD statistics that are more superior to those and are more advantageous, I’m more than happy to listen.

Warbletot3650d ago

@2.3 Mr_Arabic....

Tretton's responses were very good, escpecially that last answer. PS3 has alot a negativity from the media, so he has a tough job to turn that around. It seems that even a positive story about the PS3 has a negative gripe in the title just to offset that positive vibe.

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TheMART3650d ago

Imagine if people @ 400 Euro/Dollar still have a problem with the PS3.

And the 360 will drop soonish for a Premium to 279 to 299 Euro/Dollar and the Arcade to 229 or so. That would kill the battle between 360 and PS3 for sure.

Equinoxe_73650d ago

And the tide will turn, you can count on that, Xbox360 is not so innovative as Playstation 3, but you got your fix today, hating.

THE TERMINATOR3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

"Jack Tretton is an arsehole. Nothing but lies and feces come out of his mouth."
Just about the same comes out of the 360.
Just remember the 360 is in last place world wide.

TheMART3650d ago

360 sold world wide: 15 mln. or so
PS3 sold world wide: 6.5 mln. or so

How is that last place?

DJ3650d ago

7 million PS3s
13.5 million 360s

And Kalee is talking about monthly/weekly sales figures. Xbox 360 has been third place in monthly sales for the past few months; it's actually reason why PS3 has sold significantly more consoles this year than the 360.

TheMART3650d ago

No DJ it's not

I know you like twisting numbers, but the 360 is not at 13.5 mln. sold. It had sold 12mln. somewhere this summer in July or so.

Thus: August, September, October, November sales added. Don't know how you calculate, but those months have added more than 1.5 mln. consoles. It'll be close to 3 mln. if not more already. We're on half December, so I bet the latest numbers are even over that.

PS3 just isn't even on half the installed base of the 360. Face it. 3rd place = PS3

sak5003649d ago

You talk just like your name. I bet that was your nick in high school.

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ForTheFallen3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

but they're very wrong.
PS3 has sold prob 14 mill world wide if not more.
360 has not sold 15 mil. America is it's main domain. Everywhere else is relatively obscure.

Wii owns everything.
PS3 owns the World.
Xbox owns America.

How is that for last place?

travelguy2k3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

there is no way it has sold 14 million world wide, last i heard was about 7.2 million or so vs around 14 million for 360. When they say PS3 is winning world wide, i am pretty sure they mean this year as in 2007 sales, or year to date sales.

sak5003650d ago

@fallen: Are you illegitimate child of Kaz and Ken? YOu seem to spout the same B$ sony have been feeding the public since days of ps2? 14 million, not have not been manufactured by sony. Sony sold prob 6 million to the retailers and out of that 4 million were sold to public. 80% bought as BD player, 10 percent got is as unwanted gift, 5% bought to sell it on ebay and 5 % actually bought it for games. That explains your Uncharterd sales of 300k. Hows that for number idiot.

kydrice3650d ago

Yea Um I'm a hardcore Sony backer and everyone knows it but PS3 has NOT sold that much. More like around 6-7 million last I checked. Had it sold 14 million worldwide it'd be beating the Wii and be the best selling console ever. As it stands Wii is the leader for hardware sales by a large margin, 360 is the leader of software sales and PS3 is playing catch up. Hell Sony is hoping to hit 11 million consoles sold by the end of the fiscal year (March 2008) so yea definitely NOT 14 million consoles sold.

kydrice3650d ago

WOW ok, right after I finish blasting Fallen, Sak you're just as guilty with pulling numbers and percentages out your ass. You mind stating sources for those percentages you got there buddy? If those numbers smell like sh!t then I know where you got em yup.

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