Sony is dominating Blu-ray standalone sales

To date, Sony is overwhelmingly dominating Blu-ray standalone sales, but new LG and Panasonic players are hoping to steal part of the market.

As of December 1st, Sony owned 60 percent of all BD unit sales (not even including the PlayStation 3) and Samsung is second at 32 percent. Panasonic and LG each command a small 5 percent share.

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Relcom3837d ago

The picture made me laugh. NICE!

PimpHandHappy3836d ago

Why is it bloodmask is all over HD-DVD vs Blueray storys but when it has good Sony news he is never the one to post it?

i find it funny...But yea he has nothing against the PS3. It says so in his bio so it must be true

gEnKiE3836d ago

Because Bloodmask doesn't contribute to blogs or articles that are pro Sony or Blu-Ray it seems, but don't call him a fanboy....

Mr Marbles3836d ago

I would not buy a standalone BR player. They are super slow and lack features, especially compared to standalone HDDVD players, if you want Bluray you should go with a PS3, who the F wants to wait 5 minutes just for the movie to load after you hit play, stand alone bluray is crap.

PimpHandHappy3836d ago

i thought you could update all blueray players via internet?

anyway dont matter because this war is over and Blueray is the winner!

I cant wait to get Transformers in 15 months on BR

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