UT3 on PS3 Holding Its Own

Unreal Tournament III sales may not be strong on the PC, but reviews have been positive for the latest installment in the frag-fest series. It appears outlets -- deviating from standard practice -- are trying to view the PC and PS3 versions under different lenses. The PC version (per usual) is the better option if you've got the rig to handle the Unreal Engine 3 game, but the PS3 version wasn't a toss-away port here. The reviews below are from the PS3 version of the UT3 reviews.

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Irving3747d ago

I'll be picking it up coming week. This plus Warhawk DLC should keep me busy on PSN for a long time.

IcemanK23747d ago

I just rented it two days ago and I can say this is one of the more fun FPSs I have played in a long time. Very intense fast paced game that brings the same level of fun and intensity that I loved with Quake 3 Arena with better graphics, gameplay and physics of course.

dachawk3747d ago

Just picked up UT3. I've only gone a few levels ... Great game. Love the theme music. Reminds me of unreal championship ... which I thought was amazing. High def video pops out at you. Great saturated colors.

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jack who3747d ago

ill pick it up 4 my 360 with better online n voice chat

ErcsYou3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

And exactly WHEN are you going to be picking that up???

I thought xboxers didnt "wait b3eyond"

EDIT: 4 month's?? where did you get that info from or did you just pull it out of your @ss

bruiser813747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

Whats better about the online? it a serious question i'm not picking

@3.3 I actually do have it for the xbox and no i dont know the difference. To be honest i didnt even like that one as much.

jack who3747d ago

if you call a 4 month wait beyond sure..........if you played Unreal Championship on xbox 1 you would no wat i mean by better online

HarryEtTubMan3747d ago

" better online and voice chat" ....Last time I checked.... PS3 was the console with Bluetooth!!! I guess u also sisnt know that just 2 days ago Sony made a ANNOUNCEMENT that in by 2008 Playstation Network have EVERYTHING Xbox Live and even iTunes does... Downloadable movies, music, Ingame massaging, invites, friends listys. EVERYTHING. Plus 3D Acheivements and Playstation HOME online Community... while ur stuck with the little JUNKBOX. hahahaha The 360 will NEVER be as good as the PS3. The PS3 will blow is away more and more as the years go by... just like it did last week in sales hahahahahahah

mistertwoturbo3747d ago

how can you say it has better online when you obvoiusly don't have a PS3 and cant play the PS3 version.


BubblesDAVERAGE3747d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

I dont know why xbots keep saying online is better when on the 360 whihc is simple not true..maybe features but gameplay with no lag on the psn vs laggy live they really cant compare...

Kleptic3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

don't worry about him...he is completely wrong anyway...

the 360 version WILL NOT be superior in any way when it comes to online gameplay and content...more or less confirmed by Epic...

there are all kinds of problems currently with the UGC sharing options with XBL...which are basically slim...that is why the game was delayed on the 360 in the first place...

and the PS3 version has VOIP you tard...why do people keep saying that?...what multiplayer PS3 games do not have voice chat?...I own every worthwhile multiplayer game right now, and they all have it...

give credit where credit is due...the PS3 has 100% recieved the superior console version of this game...its on time, and isn't gimped in anyway whatsoever...the 360 version will most definitely have UGC restrictions when compared to that of the PS3, deeply cutting the overall potential of the game...

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And with crapper graphics and slower framerate to boot