British school creates VIP facility including games room for students

A school in Birmingham has decided to give well behaved pupils access to a variety of executive perks including the access to a games room and the permission to wear a special uniform. The school has issued 180 pupils with the special card that gives them access to a lounge where they can play the Xbox and Wii, while the remaining 410 students look on from the outside and see what they're missing. Is watching other pupils play computer games strong enough to deter badly behaved kids?

"Its VIP facilities may seem more in keeping with a club-class airport lounge or the members-only section of an exclusive nightclub, but its clientèle are quite different.

A school in Birmingham is giving well-behaved pupils a range of executive perks, including access to a computer-games room and the right to wear a special uniform.

Selly Oak School, one of the first of new Labour's flagship trust schools, has issued 180 pupils with a platinum award card, which gives them access to a games lounge, where they can play Nintendo Wii, Xbox and other console games. The remainder of the 410 pupils can see from outside what they are missing.

An elite cadre of 20 exceptionally good pupils are excused from wearing the school's regulation dark blue jumper and are allowed instead to wear a distinctive maroon and gold one."

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