12 Worst Video Game Bosses Ever

Even when you win against these awful bosses, you still lose.

12-David Arquette/Jamie Kennedy (tie) - ESPN NFL 2K5 (Xbox, PS2)
11-Giant Mutated Baby With No Face in a Pit - (Half-Life (PC, PS2)

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lynx1halo3745d ago

LOL now that picture is just hilarious, and its great to see they realized the embarassment of the Big White Monkey With Huge Hammer JOKE OF A BOSS FOR HALO 2...

The BS Police3745d ago

Fighting Tarturus in Halo 2, nor did I have a problem with the Skedar King at the end of Perfect Dark.

iceman29293745d ago

personally, i think that guilty spark was a way worse boss ... comeon, three spartan laser shots on legendary... and he just sits there waiting...

IQUITN4G3745d ago

Tartarus is a formidable foe on legendary and a satisfying heap of fun to defeat.I also had no problem with PD's boss and it seemed a more than reasonable conclusion.

RecSpec3745d ago

The only fun part of reading this was the joy of ending it. Maybe if they would have gave a little explanation. I remember "playing against" David Arquette though, at least they got that right.

phoenixtilt3745d ago

Yeah I think this starts out good but just cannot hold on...

I meant the contra turtle boss is not bad.. that was a sweet ass boss...

But oh well.....

Tyrael3745d ago

Inferno from Soul Calibur 2 was so...well...i mean there really wasnt any difference between fighting him and any other enemy.

Mr_Kuwabara3745d ago

Same as the Dreamcast original.

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