Nintendo Power: Mario Kart Wii hands-on

The latest issue of Nintendo Power features a hands on preview with Mario Kart Wii. They give it a glowing report indicating that it controls very smoothly, graphics are detailed, there are 16 brand new courses, exciting new items and the match making process is good with shortened times to get into a match.

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Relcom3782d ago

That said i will not buy a wii for this

Omegasyde3782d ago

I might "rebuy" one for super smash brothers.

But really so there is online but still no Mic support. I really wonder why the Wii is #1 besides Wii Sports.....

wiizy3782d ago

one of the great games coming in 08. cant wait for this i dont think you buying a wii makes much of a difference my friend as its still number one and sold 16 million in one keep playing what you playing

M_Prime3782d ago

BRAWL AND KART.. damn Nintendo is gonna spoil us!

crank3782d ago

Finally, a mario kart to look forward to. Lots of tracks, hoping the graphics are serious this time.

Omegasyde3782d ago

I hope they still include splitscreen.

UltramanJ3782d ago

The Wii is my least favorite system, but I still had to buy one for the first party Nintendo goods. I love Mariokart, and can't wait to get my hands on the Wii edition.

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