Hooray - The Fallout MMO Is Dead

Still upset that Interplay lost their case and scrapped the Fallout MMO project? You really shouldn't be. Instead, celebrate that Fallout dodged a terrible bullet and that the wasteland has been saved from mediocrity.

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Animals_as_Leaders2423d ago

Thank god. No need to ruin a good franchise with MMO cancer like they did to Diablo ( now an online only game ) as well as Warcraft.

palaeomerus2423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

Interplay DIDN'T lose their case.

They settled with Bethesda for a 2 million payout to drop the MMO (which turned out to be mostly smoke and mirrors used to try and get a payout from Bethesda) and they transfer ownership of Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood Of Steel, and probably Brotherhood of Steel (the console version which plays like Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance with guns) as well.

Basically Interplay sold the remainder of their rights to Bethesda for 2 million in cash (which they desperately need) and the case ends before it gets too expensive.

Interplay scammed BEtehesda but Bethesda sort of deserved it with their idiotic legal aggression after their initial purchase of the rights to the Fallout iP.

As usual 'Pixels or death' don't know what the hell they are babbling about.

rmedtx2422d ago

I really wonder if it would have been cheaper/better option for them to turn it into a new IP instead of fighting in court. Now they spent all that money and they got stuck with a dead project. They can always re-texture and re-brand and come up with a new game.

TheColbertinator2422d ago

Interplay,stop with the MMO.Make a single player isometric Fallout instead.