GamePro's Worst Games of 2007 ( Part1)

What game was crowned the suckiest of 2007? Nope, it wasn't Kane & Lynch...find out now in Part One of "The Worst Games of 2007"

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ktchong3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

10. Legend of the Dragon (Wii)
9. Two Worlds (PC, Xbox 360)
8. Lair (PS3)
7. Soulcalibur Legends (Wii)
6. Vampire Rain + Bullet Witch (Xbox 360)

5 to 1... in part 2.

MK_Red3814d ago

Thanks for the info. lol, At stupid disagree with info!
Bullet Witch wasn't that bad and Vampire Rain was seriousl hilarious :)

ThaGeNeCySt3814d ago

lmao @ Vampire Rain + Bullet Witch sharing the number 6 spot... any list with Two Worlds that's labeled "Worst Games" is A-OK with me

tk3814d ago

Sadly i have to agree and disagree. With the part that I played of Lair so far, it did turn out to be bad. Not because the graphics was bad - it is visually one of the most impressive games. Not because of the controls - I like the motion controls. Not because of the game play - the gameplay is some of the best that I have experienced so far. Then why? Because the devs don't allow you to play the game. They shunt you from cut scene to cut scene. Allow only a few minutes of play before - bam - another cut scene - and they shunt you into some other sub mission in middle of flight. You start becoming disorientated and confused with all the shunting around - which destroys the gameplay and the strategy that you wanted to follow. The game is amazing - the visuals, the sound, the battle options - but you get to do the move that you had to master only once or twice before you get shunted around and not allowed to do it again. If they made this game a bit more free roaming strategy where you could take on the enemy your way - then it would be one of the best games of the year. Instead some moron decided to script your game for you and shunt you into a list of mini battle games and you don't get to decide on anything in the game except to follow the pre-prepared script - down to the minute.

So from a pro Sony supporter, who waited long for Lair, yes - this game gets the thumbs down from me - because the devs decided to ruin your experience by not allowing you to play the game. And it is a pity - because all the elements and gameplay elements is there to make this game epic. If they gave us the game engine in a Warhawk free play scenario this game would be in the top ten this year - and it looked so doable - because all the elements to do it is there.

tk3814d ago

Forgot to add - it looks like a game developed by the MS Office Help team. You know - the guys who came with clippy - the annoying Interfere-as-you-go assistant that you just can not get rid of.

Danja3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

I agree..with the random cut scenes interrupting gameplay..and the sucky targeting system..and the repetitive missions..but the controls worked fine contrary to what reviewers had sad..and it's still a good game..overall..

KineticX3814d ago

I can't speak for Vampire Rain, but I didn't think Bullet Witch was that bad.
Certainly not as bad as Two Worlds, I thought it was quite fun, maybe not as much playability as most games, but still fun.

Norad63814d ago

sorry, but I don't see Two Worlds as a bad game. After the patches came out (about a week after launch), the game really doesn't have any problems. I like it more than Oblivion right now too. It has a bigger worlds and more interesting quests.

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The story is too old to be commented.