Culture Clashes: Why JRPGs Will Never Be Great Again in the West

I’ll never forget the reason why I love JRPGs. I remember my aunt steadily holding the strategy guide to Final Fantasy 7 while I was mere seconds away from finally defeating Emerald Weapon, an optional boss that I wished never existed. Nevertheless I felt compelled to explore and achieve everything in that game. Years later, I’m quite sure I wasn’t the only gamer who felt that way, and that’s exactly how I started my foray into JRPGs.

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fluffydelusions1907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

Same, but since it says only the west and shows a pic of FFXIII-2 it should be mentioned that XIII-2 scored A LOT worse from Asian reviewers opposed to western review sites. Xenoblade chronicles is supposed to be really good though and that is coming to the US. Also lets not forget about Ni No Kuni.

Yi-Long1907d ago

... HOWEVER, I won't buy any game (or movie, or anime) that's missing the option for the original language, which is too often the case with JRPG's which are released here in the west with a horrible english dub only.

ShaunCameron1906d ago

@ Yi-Long

You thought English dubs were bad? Try French (Canadian) dubs. Those are even worse. I agree with your sentiment. Video games and films are much better off presented in their original languages with subtitles.

DeadIIIRed1906d ago

Even though it scored well, I agree with the author that they just don't sell well anymore because of cultural differences. Japaneses culture tends to be highly collectivist and fatalistic, while the West tends to be the exact opposite. These cultural values are embedded in the values of each style of RPG and it really shows if you look hard enough.

KillaManiac1906d ago

Tales of Graces F coming in March.

Its not the best game, but its a true JRPG whereas FFXIII and FFXIII-2 try to be JRPGs with a western feel.

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Ranma11907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

.....We need another FF7 or Chrono Trigger and it will be popular again, but SE keep giving us FF13 and FF13-2 and FF13-3

When the company that made JRPG's popular has fallen down to the levels of a sewer, its difficult to make JRPG's popular

The Rock Bottom1906d ago

Ranma1 may be trolling hard, but what he's talking about is real talk. SE needs to pull their heads out of their rear ends! I've been very patient sense XII came out for another Final Fantasy to talk about. I'm sick of talking about how good 6 or 9 was. I want a new Final fantasy to go wild about! Come on Versus! Don't let us down!

RedDead1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

He trolls every FF 13 article, rightfully so, FF has literally got to ****. Type 0 and Versus is my only hope. I don't know how the **** Toriyama got to make these games.

Oh yeah I disagree with the article, FF 13 isn't the only Jrpg.

brish1906d ago


What he does is EVERY Final Fantasy story there is on n4g he posts a message complaining about how bad FF is.

He has over 100 posts whining about Final Fantasy. Seriously, check out his posts.

He also submits every article he can find that says something negative about the game. Check out the stories he posts.

If someone said they didn't like FFXIII-2 most people respect their right to say so (I do). But when a person dedicates their lives to whining in forums about a game it's just pathetic.

Jaces1906d ago

It truly is sad to see such a beloved franchise fall from grace. I remember the days when I couldn't wait for the next installment, turned now into dread just thinking about how they're going to ruin this series even further.

The only hope I have is for Versus, until then, I will not be buying another FF game.

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Godmars2901907d ago

Sadly most JP devs got lazy during the later PS2 era, then couldn't get it in gear when the HD change came.

They're still making good JRPGs, only they're on the PSP and DS. Overly relies on moe/loli themes, ten year olds who save the world, and that's just not generally connecting in the West.

iamtehpwn1907d ago

Agreed. Much like What Kojima said, I think it's Japanese developers as a whole, are currently uninspired. Kojima is really trying to reinvigorate these developers, Miyamoto is doing the same.

It does sadden me to see the state of the Japanese gaming industry. I sorely miss the days when a game was made in Japan ensured it was of the best quality and an original world we've never seen before.

Allowen1907d ago

I can ' wait to play Tales this march on the 3DS and later on play another Tales game on PS3 !

Next bring Persona 4 and a Tales game to the Vita and more JRPGs ASAP !! K THX

Hyperbomb691907d ago

oh cmon....
FF13 is probably the worst FF game and probably the downfall unless SE gets their sh*t straight. that doesnt mean JRPG's wont do great here again, keep in mind that Demons and Dark Souls did pretty good, Valkyria chronicles was an amazing game. There are so many good JRPG's out there, its just that this gen sucks.

Sorrow241906d ago

But Demon and Dark Souls still follow a western-RPG style even though they're made by a Japanese company.

Noticeably_FAT1907d ago

JRPG's just aren't fun for me, I know a lot of PS3 gamer's tend to love them, but I personally don't have much fun with them. I did like Lost Odyssey, but I'll always prefer the RPG's from Bioware.

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