MGS HD Collection Launches Today in Europe

Today, February 3rd 2012, is the release day of the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection in Europe. The game will be released for both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3.

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belal2237d ago

um no it launched yesterday... Maybe they meant UK.

Nyxus2237d ago

The official release date is February 3rd. But a lot of stores already sold it, as often happens.

Zichu2237d ago

Got my copy yesterday :D
I'm from the UK by the way. MGS2 brings back so many memories.

Nyxus2237d ago

I ordered the Zavvi Limited Edition, but since I'm not in the UK it's probably going to take a while.

MGRogue20172237d ago

I want PS Vita version :D

Hx3KinG2237d ago

Sadly i won't be getting this for a while due to getting my Vita and Twisted Metal, plus ive learnt not to buy HD collections on release cos they drop heavily after a while!

kingdavid2237d ago

Delayed in Australia for no apparent reason.


Nyxus2237d ago

Really? That's a shame.

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