PS Vita: 3G vs Wi-Fi

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zeal0us2234d ago

Imma have to go with wifi. Save yourself some money 3G really isn't all that necessary. Sony should of went to multiple carriers instead of sticking to just one with the 3G psvita.

farhad2k82233d ago

Well, for us UK users, its not locked to one network. But I'm still picking up the WI-FI version. My Droid can be used as a tethering spot easily.

MasterCornholio2233d ago

Same here plus in my country there's free WiFi all over the place.


cleric202233d ago

Can't resist the 3G version - swapping stuff with people you meet (wherever you are) will be fun!

Hx3KinG2233d ago

I'm defo getting a 3G one, cos its then future proof for any upcoming content/features, not to mention i got my 3G model for less than the Wifi are selling for!

farhad2k82233d ago

Good point. Where was this btw?

Hx3KinG2233d ago

you from US or UK? cos i got it off a outlet store on im pretty sure he has sold out of the 3G. but has the current cheapest wifi only console ive seen in UK! link below:

dcortz20272233d ago

I'll go with the Wi-Fi version. I'm already paying for my high speed internet connection at home, why pay more money for a seperate service, plus, Wi-Fi is everywhere these days.