VideoGamer: Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Review

VideoGamer: For a series that preaches the virtues of silence and stealth, the Metal Gear series desperately wants to be heard. Kojima Productions has always been adamant that its games should contain some kind of jumbled ideology, even when the studio isn't sure what virtues it's actually trying to extol.

These aren't upbeat war games, then, but the big, bold and silly action movies of the 1980s are instrumental to their inception - there are hints of almost all of them from time to time, but notable reference must go to Escape from New York's eye-patched hero, Snake Plissken.

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PirateThom2357d ago

Really a great addition to anyone's collection. 5 games for an affordable price? Boom.

Peace Walker benefits from the second analogue so much it's like a different game almost.

Solid_Snake372357d ago

This is a collection of the best games ever... Why not give it a 10?

TopDudeMan2357d ago

Mines is coming tomorrow. Cannot wait.

MWH2357d ago

how come MGS1 is not included?

HarryMasonHerpderp2357d ago

Just got my limited edition MGSHD this morning.
Started on MGS2 an still playing it now at 1am!
will be playing till about 4am,trying to get all of
the dog tags on the tanker level to get camo lol i absolutely
love these games! full on fanboy nostalgia here!