The 10 Most Misunderstood Wii Games: FINALE - #1 Revealed!

Conclusion of a series.

There are many Wii games that don't get the credit they deserve. Misunderstood. Unappreciated. Or just plain unknown. In this series, we have taken a look at why some games on the Wii were ill-treated or overlooked. Now, we'll reveal our pick for the Most Misunderstood Wii Game of All Time.

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Menashe2390d ago

Metroid Other M was an amazing game. I agree, it's probably the number one most underrated and misunderstood game on the Wii.

juegosmajicos2390d ago

I wish it wasn't true, but this game could also easily get into first place FAR ahead of its competition in a "most hated games of all time" list. I mean, Superman 64 got a lot of ridicule, and some extremely hard games built a lot of resentment, but I've seen no game cause so much hatred among the gaming population. It's all irrational hatred in my eyes, but it's hatred all the same.

--Onilink--2390d ago

nah, the most misunderstood has to be little kings story. Im sure you show the game to a group of people and 99% would say its a kids game, and it couldnt be further from the truth. The game is very complex, difficult, long and actually has some very serious underlying tones that only an adult could understand.

Menashe2390d ago

Although, they are making a sequel on the Vita.