EA Stock Surges After Star Wars: The Old Republic Subscriber Numbers Reveal

Star Wars: The Old Republic was considered by some market analysts a reason for concern on EA’s financial stability, so the stock market was bound to react to the good news about the solid numbers of its active userbase. And it did.

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Nodoze2235d ago

How long will they stay??

kevnb2235d ago

Depends on the support. so far so good.

Mikeyy2235d ago

How is this game compared to wow 2 years ago?

Tr10wn2235d ago

the game is good, it got flaws like any other game but it has good amount of content to last about 6 months and more incoming

kevnb2235d ago

Well deserved. many trolls did all they could to discredit it, but its the best mmo since wow.

FlashXIII2235d ago

I wonder how many current subscribers it has now? Half of the people I personally know playing it have already cancelled their subscription sadly however I'm still enjoying it but haven't experienced the endgame yet.