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CPG's thoughts on the PS Vita.

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Half-Mafia2240d ago

'I work at Best Buy as a Gaming Expert' But you say 'Also for a system that has no physical games'

Your the worst 'expert' ever. I hope your not going to be giving people wrong information when people ask about the Vita.

BX812240d ago

Read the comments section of the article, he corrects that mistake. Good job on jumping the gun. Seems like you're the worst expert ever ;)

Hicken2240d ago

Correcting it in the comments section is useless, as it's not corrected in the article itself. Expecting someone who read the article to also read the comments in order to get the truth about the article is... well, it's stupid.

Got it wrong? Correct it the RIGHT way. As long as it's down there in the comments, it'll stay misinformation for those that read the article.

Seriously, there's no reason to keep the mistake there. Hell, there was no reason to make that mistake in the first place.

TheGamingArt2240d ago

Not only this, but he basically says that the XMB is over complicated lol.

Waddy1012240d ago (Edited 2240d ago )

I fail to see how the writer is a so called 'gaming expert'.
In his article he states "This is the only real game that we have on the system, besides the silly little games that come with the Vita". Now anybody with any knowledge about the Vita whatsoever knows that to be untrue. If he thinks that Uncharted:GA, Modnation, Gravity Daze etc. are 'silly little games' then he does not deserve the self-appointed title.

As for the point about the Menu. I work at GAME and we recently got a demo unit in the store and everyone, including one 5 year old that tried it, had no problem whatsoever with navigating the menus.

BX812240d ago

Calm down crazy. He's saying they gave him the vita to get familiar with and the only game they gave him to sample with the vita was little deviants plus what ever games come pre loaded. If you keep reading he says something to the extent of no physical games and games being downloaded. Some one in the comment section corrects him and he appologizes and agrees about there being physical copies of games. He just made a mistake.

TKCMuzzer2240d ago (Edited 2240d ago )

I'm sorry but an hour to get used to the menu? Plus his original mistake about physical games, corrected or not, does point to somewhat an amateur gamer, or as we know them, store gaming experts.
Plus why is everyone moaning? Amazon and other retailers are throwing in free memory cards so there is no extra cost......looks at his free 8GB memory card courtesy of Amazon :)

Drekken2240d ago

Quit sticking up for him BX81. Its people like you and him that have gaming journalism in such bad shape. There is no integrity or fact checking... just a bunch of spoiled kids throwing opinions out and lemmings that just believe anything.

christoph2032239d ago

totaly agree with waddy101, I work for gamestation, and we just had the demo unit aswell, and the UI is so simple. i struggle to see how a "gaming expert" could "spend an hour figuring it out".. and anyone who talks about the price of the vita to mock the console is a waste of reading time..

KillerPwned2240d ago

I read half the paragraph in this article and just stopped before I wasted anymore of my time. Thank god I did that the guy is a total douche. I don't mind that he does not like the Vita but a lot of his info was incorrect.

smashcrashbash2240d ago

Yes it is frightening the amount of ignorance that circulates the gaming world these days. I remember some one saying MOST of the games on the VITA are ports. What stupidity. It's no wonder there is so much negativity about the VITA if these are the kind of [email protected]$$es that people listen too. Just imagine i caught some idiot saying Sony took the AR tech from the 3DS. What idiots.

TheGamingArt2240d ago

It's ironic that a guy who works at Best Buy calls memory overpriced... seriously ironic. Has anyone ever glimmered at HDD prices at Best Buy?

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