What would you name the Wii U?

VGB: Nintendo is apparently considering to change the name of their Wii U console. What would you name the successor to the Wii?

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Wii hu! Wii ta! Wii willrockyou! Wii nning! Wii thepeople! Wii llitsell! Wii aretheworld! whats wrong with just Wii 2? seriously.

Tired2273d ago

I'd call it the...... Poyne Tlus!

Just kidding...I don't like the name wii u and think they should have moved away from the wii brand completely. Yes it dominated...but disappointed in equal measure.

I'm more than happy for them to blow my socks off, but just hearing the name makes me sceptical.

Maybe call it Nintendo Improvement!

DEA Fresh2272d ago

Nintendo Yuu (you)
Nintendo U
Wii Wii
Wii II
Super Wii
Wii HD
Wii DS
Wii 60
Super Nintendo
Wii Station
Wii box
Wii screens
Wii Squared
Wii pad
Wii need your money people, who care what wii call it

Shok2274d ago

Wii Ultra.

That way, the public can tell that's it's an actual Wii 2, and Nintendo will still be able to keep that "U" in the name. Wii U for short, Wii Ultra for the whole name.

ovhaum2274d ago

Super Wii
Wii DS
Cockeye Wii
Wii Touch, Wii eat, Wii love

Erika_Furudo2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

Wii Ultimate
Wii Unlimited
Wii Us
Wii Unified

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The story is too old to be commented.