We can "realistically" expect the Xbox 720, PS4 in 2013 or 2014

Analyst Scott Steinberg says, "Consumers will "probably" start to see new systems from Sony and Microsoft in 2013 or 2014."

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thedude442389d ago

i see a late september 2013 release for ps4, that would be ideal.

NukaCola2389d ago

Just a thought. So please chime in, but:

technology is moving too fast these days. Todays highest PCs are becoming outdated by tomorrow. I think 5 - 6 years between console releases is plenty fine but with the rate newer tablets and phones and handhelds are coming out, is it that we will see consoles updating sooner now than later?

thedude442389d ago

there should be a set goal for each manufacteror to meet the requirements of todays standards by futur proofing their console as much as possible, so yes.

Soldierone2389d ago

The thing about consoles is its a platform, and the makers will have as many people stand on it as possible. With cell phones and even PC's they don't create a "platform" Instead they say "hey look at this awesome flat area!" then people stand on it, while the makers go make another flat area, and all the people walk over to that.

They don't force developers to utilize it to the fullest, they dont dig out a hole and say you have no choice but to stand on this platform so work with it, figure out how to fit as many things you can on it, and make it awesome. Instead "hey look at this new one we have, don't worry about that one we made something better!"

Look at phones. They had 3D, awesome screens, and phones that have plenty of specs to compete with the PSP. Yet we see new "better" phones all the time, and phone devs don't know how to utilize "older" hardware to make them compete with the PSP. its stupid. Look at how many crappy games somehow manage use up the entire specs of new phones, making old phones with decent specs useless. How hard is it to confine your coding, better use resources, and make it run properly across all the phones? Not hard at all, but with new phones why bother? I mean look at GTA(it isn't one of the crappy games I'm talking about, but still a good example), it barely ran on amazing devices like the Xperia Play, it took 3 updates before it was finally made to work on them.

The only way the console market will turn into this crap is if someone like Apple jumped in for the money. At that point there will be no reason to own a console anymore. I own a console because I got tired of constantly upgrading my PC. I bought an Xperia Play because Sony promised it will be supported down the road with PS Suit (and it will be), and I was tired of my Droids getting out dated within 6 months.

Consoles should be used as an example to ALL technology. MS and Sony PUSH developers, they push better products, and they allow technology to develop properly instead of just throwing out crap with slightly better specs than the other guy. I know I'm not the only one sick and tired of buying out dated products because something new comes out the day after.

Blaine2389d ago


Short answer is: no.

You'd think yes, since hardware is evolving faster, but facts show consoles aren't coming out sooner. PS1=1994, PS2=2000, PS3=2006. It's 2012 now and, if the trend had continued the PS4 should be releasing this year, yet Sony said they won't even *announce* it.

Thing is, it's not really a question of hardware. If it was, yes, we'd probably get new consoles more often. In reality, it's a question of software. Developing games, and more importantly engines, is long and costly, so the longer the console generation lasts, the more time companies have to be profitable. Hardware manufacturers benefit too since it gives them more time to recoup their R&D investment, and profit from lower development costs so more profits per console sold.

NukaCola2389d ago

@guys above.

This wasnt a disagree/agree question.

Thanks though. I mean I see it as impossible in the market but I was just curious in other opinions.

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Pushagree2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

E3 2012 announcement. 2013 release.

id bet money on it.

za3redrum2389d ago

Wow, he's a good analyst, I thought about 2030.


analysts are the new flamebaiters

MGRogue20172389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

Nah.. I don't see Sony or Microsoft coming out with their next-gen systems any time soon. PS3 has still got alot of juice.. & Microsoft seems to be busy with making Xbox 360 a part of the family living room with Kinect integration & all of that jazz..

Besides, this year is PS Vita's time to shine!

3GenGames2389d ago

*Current gen consoles excluding wii have some juice.

Anon19742389d ago

I agree. There's no reason for new hardware yet. The average developer doesn't even push the hardware as it is now due to the costs and risks involved.

And with the current economic climate so uncertain, I don't think any company is ready to go throwing billions at new hardware development when the current gen hardware is finally profitable and selling well.

BitbyDeath2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

Hopefully 2013. With an announcement this year.

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