Best Reasons To Buy And Avoid PlayStation Vita

Chris Buffa (Modojo): Believe it or not, Sony's PlayStation Vita is nearly upon us. Exciting, no? In fact, the First Edition Bundle is less than two weeks from release.

That said, thousands (dare we say millions) of interested gamers will either pre-order the machine outright, or head to the store February 22 to make the adrenaline fueled impulse buy.

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farhad2k82235d ago

I've done months of research on the PS VITA, in no way is it an 'impulse buy' for me like he suggests.

Hate all you want, we future VITA owners will enjoy the console like we enjoyed the PSP and PS3 on day 1, and remember how much they got hated on release?

All will be well in a few months.
Honestly can't wait for February 22nd, my hibernation period starts then.

zeal0us2235d ago

I'm going to wait a while before I pick up. Maybe after I get my refund check.

smashcrashbash2235d ago

Ignore Chris and everything he says. He is a notorious VITA hater and 3DS lover. What ever he says holds no merit at all.

Half-Mafia2235d ago

So the Vita in its first month sells 527k and the 3DS sells 746k.

How on earth are these numbers cause for concern.

Kran2235d ago

They're not.

The people who use these numbers as a weapon is a cause for concern though.

brish2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

Wasn't Nintendo so concerned about the low first month sales of the 3ds that they lowered the price?

Half-Mafia2235d ago

@Kran It took 25 weeks for Nintendo to drop the price of the 3DS. After only selling less than 100k a week world wide.

first 25 weeks 3DS sold 3.8m. Next 20 weeks after the price drop the 3DS sells 10.2m.

BuffMordecai2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

It is kind of bad that they are launching the system in Q1 of the year. Most people have spent a lot during the holiday season so only the hardcore will buy this near release. Hopefully towards the end of the year the vita will pick up a lot of steam, call of duty should help.

moparful992234d ago

You're forgeting about tax time bud.. I think sony picked the timing perfectly.. The japanese get their end of year bonuses in december and in america the holiday season is already loaded and launching the vita in the holiday season would force alot of shoppers to choose between the vita and a ps3, or 3ds, or 360... Launching in february lets the ps3 shine for the holiday shopping season and is positioned to take advantage of the tax season.. Sony is playing this one smart if you ask me..

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