Warp Zoned: Syndicate Hands-On Preview: From Bullfrog To BS

Warp Zoned writes:

There is a certain level of irony in the amount of hype, press and videos EA has been spewing out about their new iteration of Bullfrog’s 1993 classic Syndicate, in that it is very similar to some of the ‘hype’ lauded by gaming guru and Bullfrog co-founder Peter Molyneux in his heyday. And by ‘hype’ I mean bullshit. Not to discredit the man who also brought us Theme Park, Theme Hospital, and Populus, but he does have a habit of overegging what was included in his games, like the confession that the now-cancelled Project Milo demo video at 2009’s E3 was tightly scripted.

But he doesn’t even work at EA anymore, who bought Bullfog in the late 1990s and integrated the company into its massive domain (again, the irony that this game is about massive rival companies running the world is not lost). Most of the other Bullfrog developers went on to found the now defunct Mucky Foot. And yet EA did not think to call them when reviving one of their old games.

They might wish they had.

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