IGN- Has Modern Warfare 3 Sold 20 Million Copies?

IGN- Back in November, Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter predicted that Modern Warfare 3 would outsell Battlefield 3 by a margin of two to one. Recently-released numbers hint that he may have been correct.

Yesterday, EA reported that Battlefield 3 has sold more than 10 million copies since launch. Activision reported back in December that Modern Warfare 3 had earned one billion dollars in 16 days but didn't reveal the exact number of units sold and has been quiet ever since.

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GraveLord2235d ago

It's actually sold ~24 million on PS3 + 360.
If you count PC retail and digital that's easily above 25mil.

Colwyn2235d ago

i cant wait till the ps vitas version is released later on tis year. ill buy that version along with millions of others.

jeseth2234d ago

Because its a game and its fun.

When will you people get off your high horse and just have fun playing games. Stop with your agendas and game snob comments.

EVERY FPS game in each franchise isn't very different from its previous installment. COD, HALO, Killzone, Resistance, Rainbow 6, and yes ... even everyone's precious Battlefield 3. BF3 is the obvious successor to BFBC2 evem though it is titled BF3. Your can see the obvious progression.

The only person you are convincing that COD sucks is yourself.

BuffMordecai2234d ago

Call of Duty should help sell the ps vita, so I'm all for it.

irepbtown2234d ago

I personally think they've taken a step back from COD4.
The amount of fun in that game cant be contested. Was easily the BEST fps for its time and to be honest, still is one of the best. Same just cant be said for MW2, Black ops and even MW3.

There is fun, just not half as much as COD4. Though I have to say 'Infected' in MW3 with like 20 people, that is extremely addicting. Cant stop playing that mode (it is private match only which is a let down).

But 20 million copies, you have to congratulate them for that. Whether you hate COD or not, that is some big numbers.

Gamer-Z2234d ago


If you cant see the difference between Halo 3 & Halo Reach or BFBC2 & BF3 then you really are blind.

frostypants2234d ago

I do have fun playing games. But MW3 sucks. I'm sorry, I didn't realize this forum was restricted to gushing over every game under the sun. If you don't want to read negative comments about MW3, it's probably best to just avoid the topic.

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papashango2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

I personally don't think its broken 20 million. If you follow game news for the past few years activision never shuts up about sales

Mw3 was more of the same in its first week breaking first week records but that was the end of that. It was followed by massive discounts across all platforms. Iirc the digital pc version was knocked down to 35 dollars.

I'm on steam almost daily checking the deals and I have never seen mw3 ever above skyrim on the top sellers list

Ranma12235d ago ShowReplies(1)
thedude442235d ago


I agree, i showed a friend a certain competitor to the call of duty series and he never went back. He enjoys big maps, jets ect. Its a shame in my opinion games like call of duty overshadow other games.

Organization XII2234d ago

I always tend to make that comparison. There are many talented bands that work their asses off day and night to keep going and make some money. Yet other shitty untalented individuals(Bieber, Lil Waine, GAGA)sell millions of records. Does that mean they're good? Hell no. I believe Call of Duty falls in that category - it's just too fuking mainstream!

thedude442234d ago

agree man totally dude.

SKUD2235d ago

Quite a disturbing trend.

Pushagree2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

Agreed. Humanity loses another point. MW3 should not have sold so much in the same month skyrim and UC3 came out.

What is wrong with people?

NYC_Gamer2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

how does humanity lose another point?not everyone has to buy/enjoy the same games as you.there is nothing wrong with people spending their hand earned cash on software/items they deem as worth it.

Pushagree2235d ago

The problem is that MW3 did not deserve the sales it got. It was obvious from the beginning that modern warfare 3 was modern warfare 2 with very few add ons. Hell, there are even buildings from COD4 which have been copy/pasted into MW3 as well as all the animations from MW2.

There were better games in the month of november, which should have curbed the sales of MW, but it didnt. that is because gamers are very uninformed and dont know when they are getting ripped off. COD was great once upon a time ,but now its milked and losing its appeal fast. Gamers have known about it for years, but in the real world, people dont seem to have recieved the memo.

Gamer-Z2235d ago


Funny because when you don't buy and play COD people tend to think there's something wrong with you.

jeseth2234d ago

If MW3 was as broken and buggy as Skyrim was from launch no one would ever forgive them.

But Bethesda basically upgrades the graphics in the next Elder Scrolls games and its like the game is an epiphany. Is this everyone's first open world RPG? Fallout 3 had less bugs and is 2 years older.

Skyrim has gotten a big pass and hasn't been properly criticized for the performance issues it has, especially on consoles.

But hey, its cooler and you are a trendier gamer if you hate on COD...

kingdavid2234d ago

Oh get off it jeseth.

My ass skyrim got a pass. Gamers were scathing of it.

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frostypants2234d ago

I'd like to see how many copies were sold back to retailers. My guess is it's also a record, and one that is disproportionately high.

Noticeably_FAT2235d ago

Good to see MW3 get some recognition. I tend to think it's at around 25 million right now and will probably continue to be in the top 20 in sales each month up until Black Ops 2 comes out in November.

Sledgehammer did a heck of a job in a short amount of time, those complaining that it's the same game either haven't played it or don't know anything about games. It does play like a MW game, which it's supposed to do.

Other then that it's night and day from COD4 and MW2.

Congrats to them.


it plays a bit like MW2, but more like Blackops and it is night and day from cod4... it's night and day a lot worse!

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