I fail at FIFA 12 because I play it like a footballer

The latest FIFA title makes great strides forward, but playing it with a soccer-player's mentality doesn't really work.

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listenkids2335d ago

"Footballer" and "soccer-player" on the same page is annoying, to say the least.

That is all my input on this.

ablecain2335d ago

I've actually found that playing like a real footballer in FIFA 12 helps me be more succesful with the game. It's the first edition of the series where I feel like this is the case, actually. The overhauled defending mechanics have made it so that sprinting down the wings and firing in crosses is less succesful than defending and countering, or trying to unlock a defense up the middle. That's just my two cents.

NnT32912335d ago

If you play Fps like a soldier you will fail too

PeZuS2335d ago

What's up with the "Footballer" in the title and then the "soccer-player" in the description. Trying to appeal to Americans lol?

mafiahajeri2334d ago

HAHAHAHA yeah think so. I hate the word soccer such an ugly sounding word.

No point in trying to get Americans to like football they like that other sport with those guys with party hats like to jump on each other, cookie for whoever knows where I got that from! :D

zeeman2335d ago

Good article. As a PES fan I must agree that PES2012 is the same. The rewards for playing the game as a gamer are greater than using football principles.

In PES you dominate an opponent in possession and shots at goal but if a player exploits a shortcoming in the games AI he usually comes up trumps. Its annoying and something bith developers at Konami and EA need to look at.