Was Final Fantasy XIII-2 What You Expected?

Final Fantasy XIII-2 (not versus) has just been released. Yes, if I sound a little bitter it’s because I’ve been waiting for very long time for the latter to be released. My wish hasn't come true and we have been subjected to playing a sequel to Final Fantasy XII.

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Ranma12213d ago

I expected better for an FF game

Nate-Dog2213d ago (Edited 2213d ago )

No you didn't you just trolled the shit out of the game constantly and kept blabbing on about Square Enix failing and whatnot.

On-topic: Um is the game even out yet in the West? I doubt people are going to get through it in one morning.

xtheownerzx2213d ago

The game was released on the 31st this past tuesday.

adorie2213d ago

If I can pass FFVII in 12 hours or so, then FFXIII-2 is probably a similar endeavor.

I'm thinking FFVII is the bigger game too, but I have yet to play XIII-2, not too enthusiastic about the game since it is rumored to be cut content from XIII, but I have to beat it, I beat all the others minus the online.

Nate-Dog2213d ago

Ah apologies then, although as far as I know it's still not out in EU until tomorrow.

Tdmd2213d ago

How the hell can you tell what did HE expected or not from a game HE played? Are people not entitle to their own opinions anymore?
Tsc... some people... ¬¬

Nate-Dog2213d ago

@DMD: Check all his previous comments, just trolling all SE-related articles.

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BlindGuardian2213d ago

it's just another example of lack of evolution of the japanese game industry, in particular in terms of visual design

ablecain2213d ago

I love this game, but I think that what allows me to really enjoy it is the fact that I really liked the first FF XIII as well. It just helps me care about the characters and the game world more.

iamtehpwn2213d ago

I thought XIII was just "Okay".
But Final Fantasy XIII-2 is quite addicting. I literally just enjoying roaming around and doing side quests and find new secrets, going back to certain areas and finding new things.

If you absolutely hated everything about XIII it won't do much...but if you thought XIII was at the very least a decent game, you'll probably love XIII-2

pr0digyZA2213d ago

Has anyone seen the ending? I believe it ends on a cliffhanger for XIII-3

flyingmunky2213d ago

That is what the reviews for the game indicated anyway.

GraveLord2213d ago

It's actually better than I expected so far.

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The story is too old to be commented.