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Submitted by BLACKBIBLE 1468d ago | opinion piece

Was Final Fantasy XIII-2 What You Expected?

Final Fantasy XIII-2 (not versus) has just been released. Yes, if I sound a little bitter it’s because I’ve been waiting for very long time for the latter to be released. My wish hasn't come true and we have been subjected to playing a sequel to Final Fantasy XII. (Final Fantasy XIII-2, PS3, Xbox 360)

Ranma1  +   1468d ago
I expected better for an FF game
Nate-Dog  +   1468d ago
No you didn't you just trolled the shit out of the game constantly and kept blabbing on about Square Enix failing and whatnot.

On-topic: Um is the game even out yet in the West? I doubt people are going to get through it in one morning.
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xtheownerzx  +   1468d ago
The game was released on the 31st this past tuesday.
adorie  +   1468d ago
If I can pass FFVII in 12 hours or so, then FFXIII-2 is probably a similar endeavor.

I'm thinking FFVII is the bigger game too, but I have yet to play XIII-2, not too enthusiastic about the game since it is rumored to be cut content from XIII, but I have to beat it, I beat all the others minus the online.
Nate-Dog  +   1468d ago
Ah apologies then, although as far as I know it's still not out in EU until tomorrow.
Tdmd  +   1468d ago
How the hell can you tell what did HE expected or not from a game HE played? Are people not entitle to their own opinions anymore?
Tsc... some people... ¬¬
Nate-Dog  +   1468d ago
@DMD: Check all his previous comments, just trolling all SE-related articles.
BlindGuardian  +   1468d ago
it's just another example of lack of evolution of the japanese game industry, in particular in terms of visual design
ablecain  +   1468d ago
I love this game, but I think that what allows me to really enjoy it is the fact that I really liked the first FF XIII as well. It just helps me care about the characters and the game world more.
iamtehpwn  +   1468d ago
I thought XIII was just "Okay".
But Final Fantasy XIII-2 is quite addicting. I literally just enjoying roaming around and doing side quests and find new secrets, going back to certain areas and finding new things.

If you absolutely hated everything about XIII it won't do much...but if you thought XIII was at the very least a decent game, you'll probably love XIII-2
pr0digyZA  +   1468d ago
Has anyone seen the ending? I believe it ends on a cliffhanger for XIII-3
flyingmunky  +   1468d ago
That is what the reviews for the game indicated anyway.
shammgod  +   1468d ago
It's a great game.
GraveLord  +   1468d ago
It's actually better than I expected so far.
MWH  +   1468d ago
it was exactly what i expected but you don't wanna know what that is, because it's bad for your karma.
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Knight_Cid  +   1468d ago
it was better
NiteX  +   1468d ago
Heard its tons better, from what I've read they fixed the major problems. Plus Serah seems far more interesting than Lightning.
user3903999  +   1468d ago
From what I read from non-bias fanboys, it's okay.
And that's good enough for me. I've been itching for a decent JRPG.
I know it's probably not going to be epic, so I'll settle for average
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Godmars290  +   1468d ago
The only "exception" anyone's interested in now at this point towards this game are the sales numbers.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1468d ago
I hope the sales are low, but I doubt it. A lot of people on my friend list are playing 13-2 :(.
PamPoovey  +   1468d ago
If you never liked FF13 then your going to find it hard seeing the so called "improvments" because they' havent done much to it, I mean anything is better then FF13 for starters so it's obviously going to look better.

Cheesy voice acting, crap/bland/annoying/boring characters, the horriable battle system is still terriable and plays it's self most of the time, I could go on.

If you didn't like FF13 then this game is not for you. God I hope they make FF15 next or rename Versus into FF15 so we can move on from this, least then it gives everyone the chance to enjoy a FF game again and not just a certain audience.
iamtehpwn  +   1468d ago
Honestly, with the rate of fanboys wanting every FF to be like the one they want in particular, there's no way Square can never make an FF at this point that isn't for a particular audience. Really, no matter what they make, it'll liked by some people and hated by others.

It is sort of like critique people make that XIII doesn't use a traditional turnbased/ATB system like previous final fantasy's but claim Versus XIII goes back to the series roots. Not that I'm not excited for Versus XIII, but with it's real world-like settings, third person shooter mechanics, and Kingdom Hearts inspired battle system, it is about as far (or further) than XIII was from being a traditional FF other than the fact that it has an overworld map.
Godmars290  +   1468d ago
Except that, as no one seems to remember, XIII-2 was made to both make up for gameplay shortcomings in XIII, and made from content removed from it. XIII-2 existence is a contradiction.

I don't want to see the next FF being the same as the last, but I sure as hell don't one that's been half-assed, then have to worry about the 2-3 after it which are more about making up for the last at the expense of being original projects.

FF3 was not FF1, nor was FF8 FF7. Yet those games did share their basic game mechanics.

vsXIII isn't going to be anything similar to XIII, wont use any of its assets but in all honestly - if XIII had been more of a complete project and not just Square trying to figure things out, for which XIII-2 is a side-effect - it should be. The thing was that Toriyama or Wada had no awareness of setting up XIII's assets for recycling.
PamPoovey  +   1468d ago
Right first of iamtehpwn, I understand, after seeing all your posts on these articles I get love FF13, but you have to accept the fact that most of us didn't. Everytime you try and defend the game it's kind of laughable because theres nothing to actually like about the game except for the pretty graphics.

Yes we are excited for Versus because it looks more like a traditional FF game then FF13 even though it still looks differen't compared to other old school FF shows you that FF13 changed way too much if something like Versus is being considered more FF like.

"it is about as far (or further) than XIII was from being a traditional FF other than the fact that it has an overworld map. "

The KH style battle system isn't good old turn based combat but anything is better then the crappy battle system FF13 used so it's keeping us possitive. FF13 Versus depite it's changes looks more like a traifitonal FF game so what you've said I'm afraid I have to call BS on.

"Honestly, with the rate of fanboys wanting every FF to be like the one they want in particular"

It dosen't matter if we want it to be like FF6, 7, 8, 9...or even 10....they all played the same, there were a few changes here and there but they were still FF games at heart. So it wouldn't matter if someone wanted a game like FF7 while the other wants a FF9 game, they've mentioned their favorite FF game but at the end of the day they still want FF to go back to what it was like.

I think Godmars290 has summerized things up nicely.
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Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1468d ago
Ummm No...

Look, At the end of the day people want a GOOD game. You pointed it out your self, why do all these that hate 13 because it isn't like the past FFs, yet are anticipating VS13 which is more or less gonna play like Kingdom Hearts? The answer is... because VS13 looks like it will be a solid game. VS13 just has that "you know it will be a great game" aroma.

Also the only reason why people are saying that 13 should go back to it's roots is because they didn't like the new change. It's a natural reaction. If people felt that the new approach in 13 was good no one will complain, but if they don't like it of course their natural reaction will be "why did you change it in the first place?"

Plus gameplay isn't everything. It's not like the battle system in THE ONLY THING people don't like about 13.
iamtehpwn  +   1468d ago
"Right first of iamtehpwn, I understand, after seeing all your posts on these articles I get love FF13, but you have to accept the fact that most of us didn't."

What? Are you serious?
Did you not read the first comment I posted in this read? I thought it was an Okay-ish game. It's a 7/10 at best. I do however, like XIII-2, but only because it fixed most of my personal grips with the game.

It has only a little to do with XIII, many Final Fantasy Fans are hypocritical in almost all aspects. Some Examples of stuff I see:

- FFXIII wasn't Final Fantasy enough--->Versus XIII is very Final Fantasy
- Sick of Final Fantasy Spin off games-->Where is Versus XIII and Type 0?
- Versus XIII returns to series roots--->Action combat with third person shooting mechanics
- It's going to be the FF that brings back FF--->Has only seen 4 minutes of gameplay out of 7 a minute trailer
- Nomura is the best director EVER and will make a brilliant FF--->Versus XIII is the first FF game's ever directed
- LOL FFXIII-2 is only getting 8/10's it sucks--->Nomura has never directed a game with a metascore of 90 or higher, almost all his scores average in the 80's.
- Why isn't FFXIII turn based!?--->Praises Versus for Real-time combat
- Nomura is the BEST at directing a series--->Complains about Nomura making too many Kingdom Hearts Spin off games.
- Identifies the fact that Final Fantasy team hasn't changed much since the development of X-->Idiot you don't know how2nomura.
- Finds someone like me who didn't particularly love or hate XIII and encourages rational expectations for the franchise--->Assumes he is a crazy fanboy in love with XIII
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Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1468d ago
I know from the outside looking in it seems hypocritical, but you have to remember you are dealing with human beings.

"- FFXIII wasn't Final Fantasy enough--->Versus XIII is very Final Fantasy"

"- It's going to be the FF that brings back FF--->Has only seen 4 minutes of gameplay out of 7 a minute trailer"

Isn't it hypercritical of you to say that Versus isn't very FF like when you only seen a 7 minute trailer?

I'm just kidding I get what you are saying. Like I said before we are all human beings. Anyway I addressed most of the things you said in my previous comment.
DeadIIIRed  +   1468d ago
Does Vanille or any character still sound like they are having orgasms every time they move or speak? My gf was in the other room when I first played FFXIII and thought I was watching porn when Vanille started with her abnormal grunting.
h311rais3r  +   1468d ago
Game sucks. People saying its good are just gripping on to the ff name. It's not what it should be.
josephayal  +   1468d ago
FF13-2 Is the best FF in history, better than FF7 and FFX Can't wait for FF13-3
maniacmayhem  +   1468d ago
Just got my copy from gamefy and will be taking it for a spin tonight.
Sieg  +   1468d ago
I played it and I thought it's okay for an FF game. Having to play through 13 and was hugely disappointed. With 13-2 improvements and a new story line. I gotta say it's better than the first 13. Now it's not as good as 10 or some of the other FFs but it's a solid piece of work nonetheless. If I were to rate this game out of 10, I would rate it a 7.5.
Hyperbomb69  +   1468d ago
It doesnt look as good as FF13, I blame the Xbox 360.
Mykky  +   1468d ago
To be honest it was better! Much better actually. Better story, more easy to follow and less cheesy. Default from auto-battle to abilities and you have got a good battle system. Many side-quests, choices that matters, and exploring to do. You can even ride a chocobo everywhere.
I am not finished with the game but It really is great.

I thought FF 13 was just "okey" I liked the last part of the game but not much the rest. FF 13-2 is a much better game in every aspect!

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