RegHardware: FF13-2 review

I went into Final Fantasy XIII-2 of a mind to have a fantastic time. I’d been blown away by the many trailers of the game, was excited by the noises emanating from Square Enix – regarding how determined it was to make up for the wishy-washy FF XIII – and was all set-up to rediscover my love for one of gaming’s most treasured franchises.

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Ranma12388d ago

"I’d been blown away by the many trailers of the game, was excited by the noises emanating from Square Enix"

.....i was excited to, until i found out they are going to use the same battle system. Which is boring and plays itself. You can win most battles casting libra and using auto battle, IMO that sucks

iamtehpwn2388d ago

You can turn off auto-battle, I hope you know.

Snookies122388d ago

Auto-battle is pretty much required at times, even if you use manual, it's still too fast paced to carefully plan out attack strategies like in old FF games.

iamtehpwn2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

Really? I have used Manual input the entirity of FFXIII-2. Also, if the speed is too much for you, there's a "Slow" setting for the battle speed. The game becomes a lot more strategic. Not as strategic as the older FF games, but more interactive nonetheless.

brish2388d ago


Troll, troll much?

The battle system uses auto-battle as an option. You can turn it off if you don't like it.

Even with auto-battle it doesn't play itself. The game requires constant paradigm shifts or you lose.

You constantly bash the game you said you won't play. Would you take a person seriously that bashes a movie they have never watched? I can't take you seriously because YOU HAVE NEVER PLAYED THE GAME.

Baba19062388d ago

i like ff13-2. still at the beginning, but i think its much better than 13. i think an 8/10 ist abour right for me

Hicken2388d ago

Same here. Still early on in the game, but enjoying what I'm playing. Disappointed that it's dropped somewhat in the graphical department, but I've been gaming for almost my entire life, so graphics aren't everything to me.

Too bad this site is full of trolls like Ranma who are all too eager to bash a game they STILL haven't played.