Mass Effect 3 has over 40,000 lines of dialogue

GB: "Mass Effect 3 is a huge game. It has hundreds of thousands of variables and story branches, and that obviously means that it has a lot of dialogue, written and spoken. Mass Effect 3′s producer Mike Gamble says there’s at least over 40,000 lines of dialogue in the game."

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ArcFatalix2392d ago

This game is shaping up to be fantastic.

josephayal2391d ago

This game is talk talk talk and talk like ME1 and heavy rain, no thank u

Skate-AK2391d ago

Uhhh because it has RPG elements? That's how RPGs are.

HardCover2391d ago

As a video game, Mass Effect 1 was much better than Mass Effect 2. It involved more complex game play decisions than what difficulty to play it at.

opinska2391d ago

40,000 lines of dialogue and 2 min. of game play... great news lol