Nintendo Network: 'Late To The Party'

Nintendo is finally going online - well, they've actually been online in sporadic, unsuccessful spurts for years, but now the company is clearly taking the idea of a full-fledged network seriously, as described by CEO Satoru Iwata last week. Much like PSN, the Nintendo Network will be Nintendo's all encompassing online service across all its hardware. This has been long overdue, but now that Nintendo is pushing ahead, will it succeed? IndustryGamers chatted with several leading analysts on the topic. Here's what they had to say.

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donniebaseball2362d ago

Core gamers will complain still, and in the end the casual audience that Nintendo targets will barely even notice a network exists.

yabhero2362d ago

Yah but WiiU is targeted at a more core audience... people will disagree but Nintendo said it themselves. The whole reason this network is here is to appease core gamers... it supposedly has more feature than Xbox Live live according to insiders so why would they complain? voice chat video chat, full retail games,dlc

Shok2362d ago

Late, but welcome to the party.

Gamers shouldn't complain about something that they've been asking for in the first place. I'm not going to complain that they're late to the party, I'm just glad they're here.

YoungKingDoran2362d ago

came here to say the same thing. how about these "journalists" (lol) spend a fraction of the time they spend being negative being positive?? i hate this place sometimes

AJBACK2FRAG2361d ago (Edited 2361d ago )

Gamers always complain and when Nintendo tries to appease them they just complain about some thing else. Example: After Legend of Zelda Wind Waker was released the fans complained that they want a more "realistic" Zelda game. Nintendo appeases by releasing Twilight Princess... guess what? The fans complain. One more example: Fans started running out of memory on their Wii's. Nintendo appeases by "opening the fridge" and allowing fans to use cheap SD cards for virtual console and game saves guess what? Fans complain. "It takes to long for v.c. games to load from the SD card." Gamers are a fickle fickle bunch.

Magnus2362d ago

Just hope they don't charge a yearly fee like Microsoft and I hope they get rid of that stupid number system when you try to add a friend. Hopefully they will add a party chat feature as well.

yabhero2362d ago

I don't know about the fee but Nintendo has officailly stated that friend codes are gone and that they are using a single account system ( same account for 3ds and wiiU)

PopRocks3592362d ago

If it is, I reckon it won't have BS ads on it.

Mikhail2362d ago

Why do fanboys of each platform attack their competitors? They should know that if Nintendo network offers some innovation, it would be beneficial to both PSN and XBOX LIVE also. Competition drives innovation in our capitalist world

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The story is too old to be commented.