Vita Games Takeover The Famitsu PSN Best 10

Famitsu Presents: PS Store Game Best 10 has been released on PSN. Here are the Top 10 titles from December 22nd 2011 – January 04th 2012

7 out of the 10 games are Vita titles.

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MasterCornholio2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

They could have bought the PSP titles for the Vita as well since it has a very good emulator. But I was expecting this to happen due to the fact that the largest memory cards for the Vita were sold out at launch. Which means that a ton of people instead of buying retail copies bought digital ones instead. Sony has something special here and hopefully they will capitalise on it.


Goozex2387d ago

@master bubbles interesting

GraveLord2387d ago

Awesome. Glad to see Vita games are getting some love over there.

smashcrashbash2387d ago

News of the VITA is getting better in Japan. With the release of games like Ragnarok Odyssey , Disgaea and Gravity Daze plus the looming of a MH VITA game, it will probably get even better

GribbleGrunger2387d ago

guys, just keep it quiet for a few months. i can't say how successful the Vita will be but i do know that there are lots of gloaters here on N4G that are going to go absent for quite some time when Vita starts selling well.

Blacksand12387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

I have a PSPgo and i'm buying the 32gb memory card, i have some downloads already from the PSN store. So i will only buy new games.