Why Most Gamers Start but Don’t Finish Video Games

While video games are an increasingly popular pastime, there are some shocking facts about games that might surprise you. Did you know that most gamers start but don't finish the video games that they play?

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kneon2391d ago

I finish 100%. Maybe not right away but eventually they all get finished.

Today I will complete the 24hr Nurburgring race in GT5 and with that I will have achieved gold in every race. All I have left to do it upgrade 14 silver license tests to gold and get gold in a few more special events and I'll be done.

ReservoirDog3162391d ago

Haha, I'm at least 95%.

People who don't just waste their money. Like I'm trying to save money this year on games so I'm trying to squeeze every ounce of playtime I can on the few new games I have from Christmas. ACR lasted me a month and I hope the others last that long too.

But people who play for 2 hours then quit don't know how to spend their money. I've only ever didn't finish Crysis 2 and FFXII cause I usually know if I'll like a game or not.

kneon2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

Doh!!, you just reminded me, I never finished Crysis, it was just too boring. Maybe I'll get back to it one day.

So I'll have to restate my claim - I finish 100% of my PS3 games :)

Convas2392d ago

Good thing I'm not most gamers. Completionists FTW!

Wintersun6162392d ago

I finish almost all games I buy. I've had a PS3 for a year, bought almost 20 games and the only game I haven't completed is LBP, but that game is a sort of long time project for me and haven't abandoned it so it doesn't count.

Kinger89382391d ago

I tend to complete a game if another doesnt come out while im still playing, ive started trying to hold back on a new release until i finish a previous!

But big games like skyrim, and swtor i can totally enjoy but stop playing for a day or 2 and i dont have the drive to return to either :( i prefer 10-12 hiur campaigns with decent story telling etc

TopDudeMan2391d ago

I finish most games, but the reason I don't finish some games is because they might lack depth/exciting.

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The story is too old to be commented.