Review: Battlefield 3 (New Gamer Nation)

One of the most prolific names in first person shooters today is, of course, the Battlefield series. Since 1999, the Battlefield series has taken the video game space by storm releasing hit after hit. As everyone expects Battlefield 3 is no different, and certainly meets the expectations laid out for it. Everyone is going to want this game for its unique brand of multiplayer, but there is a solid single player campaign for those interested. Though this isn’t anything that will redefine the genre, it will still scratch that FPS itch and give you an experience worth having.

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cyclonus0072333d ago

The review doesn't address this but I was surprised by how much fun the co-op missions are.

Since you spend the majority of the game with at least one AI companion anyway, a full co-op campaign would have been great. I don't know why DICE didn't include one. But either way, BF3 is definitely my favorite shooter at the moment.

Tapioca Cold2333d ago

Stop sniping like pussies!!!!

You ruin the game.

I hate pussies. That's you too. I do not know what the obsession is with hiding like a sissy and letting your team do all the work.

bumnut2333d ago

I think the number of snipers should be limited, it ruins the game when you have 20+ snipers on your team.

cyborg69712332d ago

Butthurt much. Just because you can't do it don't rag on it. Just because you can't get headshots from 300 plus meters while in full sprint don't be a whining tool. I can score more points than you in a match as recon because I play the objective as well.

I can't count how many enemies I've capped while they were trying to defuse,or arm an objective.

Grow up and get some skill. While some snipers are worthless like the mav whores not all of us are.worthless

theEXPATRIATED2332d ago

I don't think he was calling you out specifically.

I know for a fact that all of the snipers I've seen in my 41+ hrs of the game have been the kind that sit way back on the map, perched on some ledge or some hilltop sniping a way into the distance while the base that's 50m away from them is taken or in the process of being taken.

Although I have seen players like yourself who actually go for the objective, how often is it that you actually regularly see those kind of snipers?

It's really all in the play style. I give a lot of praise to your breed of snipers, but I have to say you're in the minority and I hate to see that. Kudos to you though man.

seanpitt232332d ago

yep i have played the game (Multiplayer) for about 7 days now and on the recon/sniper class i have unlocked one thing all the others everything i cannot stand snipers they do my head in when something needs defusing they just sit there and do nothing wtf play the game.